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Lined Up And Spanked

I have one sister and three brothers. We were all born within a seven year period. Needless to say, we were a hand full. Sometimes there would be a line in the hall outside of Dad's room as we each took our turn being spanked bare with his belt over the end of the bed. We went according to age. I would have to listen as my big brother was belted, knowing I would soon be in the same spot with my skirt up over my back and my panties around my knees. Big brother always tried to take his spankings stoically. He rarely cried. I would try to bite my lip and hold in the cries, but I would usually end up whimpering and crying. My next youngest brother would try to emulate our older brother, but he would end up yelling and begging. My little sister was rarely spanked. I feel like she was kind of put on a pedestal, and she was the family tattletale. But she did sometimes end up with a hot, red butt, too. I am a little ashamed to admit that I loved to witness or at least overhear Dad telling her to bare her butt while she cried and begged. He would usually have to bare it for her, because she would throw such a fit. Then I had the satisfaction of hearing her getting her bare butt belted just like the rest of us. She would howl like a baby. At least we older kids were used to it. We would laugh at her afterwards. Once, Dad caught us making fun of her for being spanked, and we ended up getting more belt smacks on our already sore, bare butts. My baby brother was and still is everyone's pet. He's never been spanked as far as I know.
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No lines at home as it was just me and my big brother but often when we were both to be punished we got it in the same room. My dad would ask which of us wanted to go first and that was the hardest decision. He would generally make the decision for us because we wouldn't.

At school though, there have been several times where a group of us were paddled during recess and we would all stand in the hall waiting our turn watching the others get it.

Did dad spank you away from mom so she didn't see the spankings? Would he tell the first culprit to be spanked to drop the pants and have to tell him boxers too? What was your most memorable spanking you got with your brother? What was last parental spanking for both of you Johngone?

He didn't spank us away from mom and often she was right there in the room. He would tell us to pull our pants and underwear off and we both would, no matter which of us was going over his knee first.

I would say the most memorable spanking we got together was over a shoplifting offense. I remember watching my brother get the belt and I was crying before mine even began. It's been 30 years so I don't remember more than that.

what age do you think you were when you had that shoplifting offense. Do you remember how you two were caught? How old was your brother compared to you. What age were you about when you got the very last spanking you got and was that from dad and was mom watching or in the room for almost all your spankings?

Was it only you and your brother as kids in your family and what state were you raised in?

Around 9 or 10 I think. We were caught when my parents noticed all the new stuff that they didn't buy for us. My brother is 3 years older. I don't remember the last spanking we got together. I don't know if my mom was in the room for most spankings but there was never any effort made to spank us away from her. Yes, just me and my brother, we were raised in Arkansas.

Yep. I went to a private school in Alabama and they paddled in my school and since it was a private Christian Academy the principal paddled bare bottom for serious offenses so I know in the south they believed in spanking kids growing up.

What age was your last bare bottom spanking, can you remember. Mine was at 15, two months shy of 16.

Was your brother a teenager the last time he was spanked bare bottom by your dad or mom?

I don't remember exact ages but I am sure we were teenagers when we got our last bare bottom spanking.

That's what I think is worse being a teen and still spanked like a kid and bare at that with mom and dad and brother seeing you cry and bare *** naked. You remember the details of any other spanking you and your brother or you alone might have gotten like your worst spanking from mom or dad and your worst?

Johngone- after that spanking with the belt for the shoplifting- did you ever shoplift again?

I don't think I ever shoplifted again after that.

As far as my mom seeing me naked, that never bothered me. Even today I don't give much thought to nudity. I think people overreact to it. Anyway, nudity doesn't matter once a spanking begins.


Did you ever get spanked for school related behave you we in Jr High School or High School? What type of behavior and who would do the spanking? Were both mom and ad equal opportunity spankers?

Yes, I got paddled all through school and then got spanked again at home. I don't remember specific things about getting paddlings at school but most likely it was the usual things, no homework, sleeping in class, fighting on the playground, etc...

If mom and dad were both home, usually dad did the spanking but when he wasn't home, mom didn't mind doing it.

Was it always bare at home with underwear and pants down to knees or lower and did mom spank the same way as dad? Was your brother spanked for the same reasons and were spankings in the living room in front of everyone. You get paddled even in HS by mom with pants down and underwear down? Didn't you hate mom seeing you bare at that age and how did your brother feel with mom seeing and spanking him bare? Any of your friends ever see you get a spanking at home or did you ever see a friend spanked?

It sounds like this spanking then must have made a real impression on you, if you never did shoplift again. I know that there were some things that I got spanked for several times, but kept on doing, while other things, I only got one spanking for, and never repeated again.

Usually bare but in the later years (High School) I remember it was mostly my dad with a belt but with my clothes were on. Our spankings were never in front of anyone who wasn't family. So if we had friends over they would have to go home first. Then it didn't matter what room but the bedroom became more common as we got older.

Well, shoplifting is wrong and we knew it before we did it. The spanking certainly made a difference but it wasn't the only thing. My parents drilled into us how degrading it is to be a thief.

LOL!! My Father used to proclaim that he "Could not stand liars, cheats and thieves." So, you must have received the same message as we did. I am glad it "stuck" for your sake!

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My sister is one year older than me and we were both spanked in age order, she first and me next, I often thought it unfair to make me watch her get it knowing what was about to happen to me! The eldest should go last in my book.

Did you only hear your brothers and sister get spanked or were you an actual witness a few of the times. Did yall ever show each other yalls behind and how red it was? Did mom ever come in the room and observed the spankings or give the spankings for you and your brothers?

Did the belt leave purple stripes on your bottom?

We mostly got the cane = very sore!!

I was sometimes in a line-up with my cousins to be spanked by my aunt. Nowadays, when a group of us girls go out together and misbehave (as we always do ;) ) we have to line up to be spanked by our respective partners when we get back.

It is. I got a couple of spankings this weekend. :)

With what were you spanked?

I've had several spankings since then but I think that time was hand and hairbrush.

as it should be

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Well as I read a lot of spanking stories here it has come to me that the oldest child get it the most and the baby of the family get barely touched it like the parents get old and are to tired to spank but the baby turns out to be the worst because the parent sorta gave up.

This happens in my house sometimes too as all four of us have been slapped one after the other lots of times. Mammy always slaps us from youngest to oldest tho which means that my older sis always gets to see me get it but I never get to see her get it which I think is well unfair!!

How old were you the last time you all got spanked and was it bare for everyone, pants and underwear down to ankles? Could your sister see everything and see you crying and what did you do after the spanking was over and it was yiour older sisters turn?

We dont all get slapped together very often as my middle sis is a goody goody so hardly eva gets it but me and my older sis get it together a fair bit. When we do all get it together it usually is bare for everyone tho cos we have usually all done the same thing so get punished same way. When we get it on the bare we usually av to take r pants off and then have knicks pulled down to r knees. Yeah my older sis always gets to see me get slapped as she always gets it last when we all get slapped together as mammy always slaps from youngest to oldest which i reckon is well unfair!! I am always facing corner by time my older sis is getting it so i dont get to see, how unfair is that?

Gosh..i hated being in a row for spanking...the nearer you got to being next the more your stomach turns and the more scared you got..

Yes you are right. What age were you the last time you were lined up for a spanking and was it a bare bottom spanking and with whom wewre you lined up?

The last time it happened would have been when i was about 9 or 10 as my sister was 2 years older than me so wasnt spanked after 12 and it was normally us 2 together who would get in trouble,would have been a slippering or hand spanking probably bare bottom over either mums or my aunties knee

after so terrible spanking did you put lotion or cream on your poor sore bum

I had many of the same experiences at my boarding school.<br />
They have the bad kids line up and they call names from youngest to oldest.<br />
I was one of the youngest and after the spanking we leave.<br />
So everyone gets to see my bruised bottom while I can't see theirs.<br />
<br />
<br />
Did you do anything wrong to get that spanking?

Cadence, I would really like to learn more about your experiences too. Your profile, though, is restricted. I can give feedback and advice on pain management if you are still getting spanked. What country are you in? Please add me!

Yea Cadence can you add me as a freind too. How old were you the last time you were lined up for spankings and what was the oldest kid in line to be spanked. Were they bare bottom and given by who?

^normal wimpering and crying too much paindid your father beating only your bum or also your back


and many painfull 2 hours and howmuch time pain to seat one or 2 days

and how to seat did you put cold water to your poor bum or cream in secret in bad room

Your poor bottom. Do you think you deserved the spankings or not. Now as an adult do you like getting a sore bum or is a turnoff.....

congratulation for your trophee

how much time you suffered the pain 2 hours more one day 2 or 3 days to sit down

Nice story, I wish I could have been there

we do got this kind a line up spanking, but it happened very rarely. <br />
me and my sister are very closed to each other, partners in crime, when two people meet, special things happens, so it was mostly two of us who got spanked or canned infront of other siblings. <br />
<br />
others, they were not so closed, resulted in less chances for them to do anything naughty, beyond limit, thus they got punishments but less than us.

I tended to misbehave more when I was with others (siblings and friends) so I quite often found myself in a queue for the slipper or cane.

Very interesting, Dayzee. Out of interest, what country are you from? Your English is good but I imagine not your native tongue

spanking many time and painfull? to back and bottom

was it really painfull

how much time you suffered the pain

I always HATE it when I have to stand - usually in just panties below the waist - and watch my younger sister get her bare bottom spanked cuz I know I'm next 2 be bawling and kicking!<br />
<br />
Marzi<br />
<br />
ps admit i don't mind if I'm NOT in line but get 2 see others spanked...

I have two brothers and a sister and we sometimes had to line-up for a slippering or caning. I also had a very close friend (Ruth) who was accepted as part of my family (and I of hers) who was often in the line-up with us. We didn't have to remove any clothing until it was our turn. Then we just bared our bottoms and bent over a stool.<br />
<br />
I've also been over the back of a sofa with one or another of my siblings or Ruth. Sometimes her younger brother was with us too.

W#hen you went over the sofa how far down did the pants and underwear have to go and were you and Ruth able to cover your fronts from her brothers view when you all three were spanked together? How old were you at that time and how old was the little brother and did you see all of him as he was spanked? Did he do any spanking dance afterwards.

Could Ruth or you or your sisters see your brothers behinds when they were being spanked or see any other part of them? Were you and them embarrassed to get spanked together.

Don't be ashamed to admit that you enjoyed it when your sister got a spanking. I really enjoyed it when my mom gave the hairbrush to my brother. The only time I didn't enjoy it was when I was going to be next across her lap getting my bare hiney blistered. It was times like this when I wished that the hairbrush had never been invented. LOL

You are right about my sister! It seemed like she was always around to watch us when we got spanked, and many times my mom would send her to bring the hairbrush while our pants and undies were removed. My sis would return with the hairbrush and a big grin on her face!

How old was your sister compared to you and your brother? What age where you and your brother when you were spanked together when your sister had to bring the hairbrush and did you both have your pants down at the same time waiting? Until what age did your brother get spanked bare by your mom?

Superb account of spankings! I would love to hear more. Up to what age did you all get it? Was it frequent? How severe were the beltings when older?

There was often a lineup to be spanked in my house growing up although often we were in the same room when it did! It always sucked having to watch and listen knowing that I was next too! I tried and usually failed to be stoic during mine! My younger sister seemed to get away with a lot too as the youngest of us and we always enjoyed when she pushed her luck too far as well! Especiaaly as she loved giving myself and my older sister hell when we got spanked! Great recollection, thanks.

You ever see any of your male cousins get spanked or only the females?