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Spanked At Gettysburg Cemetary

When I was 11 or somewhere around there, my family took a vacation to Gettysburg Pennsylvania. As part fo the trip, we took a tour of the Gettysburg Cemetary, the site of Liclon's famous "Gettysburg Address". Anyway, during the tour, one little girl apparenty was not paying enough attention to the tour guide. She was off by herslef about 10 feet awy from everybody else. Her mother went over to her. I'm guessing the lady was her mother. It was an adult female anyway. The adult gave the kid a warning or 2 to join everybody else. It seems the kikd did not want to rejoin the rest of the tour group. So the kid got spanked and dragged back to the tour group. If I had to guess, I'd say the kid cried but I do not recall specifically.

This is incredibly mild compared to other stories I read in this group, and it is far from the only time I saw others get spanked, but it is the story that came into my head when I saw the group's title.
gingershuman gingershuman 41-45, M 3 Responses Jun 22, 2012

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That was still a good story, just curious though, did the girl get it bare or on her panties, and how long or hard was it?

i was at the park with my girlfreind we were late teens an saw this mom wiht her boy his pants down hand spanking him my gf said you know that is smart mom i said yea she has guts to do that well did ynot use words guts lol

sounds like an interesting story

Well some times kids need a good spanking in order for them to listen. And what was the story you read about what was that title.

There are several stories in this and similar groups compared to which my post is incredibily mild. The shorter list would probably be the spanking stories that are milder than the one I posted here