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Spanked For Jumping On Furniture

I was over at one of my good best friends house playing. The time was about third grade so I would have been eight or nine years old. I think closer to eight. It was Rhonda's house. She is two years older than me and comes up with the things we could do most the time. We were in the family room, which was in the basement of the house. They have a ping-pong table and a TV area. We spend most the time in that area when over at her house. This time we were playing ping-pong and I was winning. It was at this time Rhonda decided she didn't want to play ping-pong any more. Then what do we do now? I asked. It took her one split second to that we should play tag. And of course I was it. She is faster and taller than I am and would go running this way and that. I would try to tag her as she would jump over the back of the couch and get away. During all this of course we were screaming and laughing and making a racket.

The house was a ranch type. Long and narrow. A couch and some chairs that faced the TV area divided the basement play area. So that is how Rhonda got away, by jumping over this couch. She bounced on to the middle cushion and then onto the floor. I would jump over the couch and as I was bouncing onto the floor she ran around the couch to get away. And unknown to either one of us is her dad had come down the stairs to see what all the noise was. It was bad enough when we were playing ping-pong. But this was crazy. It just so happens I was on the couch bouncing up and down when he came down.

What are you doing jumping up and down on my furniture? is what he said. Of course being of sound mind and body I said... You call this furniture. The fact is it was old stuff that used to be upstairs. But has been in the family room as long as I have known Rhonda. I didn't think that my stating that made a real difference. But it must have to Mr. Walters because he got all-tight lipped and came over and scooped me off the couch with one big swipe. He had grabbed me around the waste and tucked me under his arm like I was a sack of potatoes. Over to the footstool he went with me scared to death as to what he was going to do with me. I had visions that he was going to take me upstairs like this and through me out the door. I did realize that insulting his furniture was not a good thing.

The next moment I was laying across his lap face down. I know this position very well. In my house it is the spanking position. Although, this is never referred to as such in my house. I just came up with it now. No fooling. I was tightly held into place with Mr. Walter's left hand. I could fill that in all my jumping about my pants had gotten kind of bunched up tightly in my bottom. I could feel that my pants were tight and felt his hand resting on my bottom as he scolded me for jumping on his couch. That is how the springs could get broken is what he told me. The very next thing I felt after he said that was a swat to my sit spot. I instantly cried out. Then it was a constant spank to my bottom followed by me crying out. Tears were soon flowing down my cheeks. Even though Mr. Walters did not take my pants down it still was hard enough to sting. And also being spanked in front of Rhonda made it hurt even more. I had no idea that jumping on the furniture would get me a spanking. Then after my bottom was burning on both sides and mostly on the sitting down spots the spanking was over. For me at least.

When I was let up I went quickly to rubbing my bottom though my pants. I did a little walking around rubbing my bottom and trying to get control of my sniffling. It was a toss up between rubbing my bottom and wiping my eyes. My heart was beating like I had just run a race. As I was tending to myself I watched Mr. Walters grabbed Rhonda because she was running and jumping on the furniture, too. My stinging bottom didn't seem to sting so much as I watched Rhonda's dad takes her over his knee. But unlike me, Rhonda’s shorts came down. She was wearing these panties with colorful butterflies. The panties were a light pastel blue with bright colorful butterflies flying about. They formed perfectly around her bottom showing the divide between right cheek and left. The panties came down as well. Then I saw Rhonda’s smooth white bottom. I could easily see where her tanned legs stopped because her bathing suit covered and the white smooth leg joined the curve of her bare bottom. She was clenching her cheeks together as her dad pulled her over his lap. She tried to resist and in tugging trying to get away she was kind of bent over. Like you do when your playing tug of war. It didn’t help that her shorts and panties were down around her knees. Then her strength gave way and over his lap she went. And kicking and squirming this way and that as she got her spanking. I then saw how a tender white bottom could turn from pink to red, but mostly pink and maybe a darker pink. It was while she was getting her spanking from her dad that my stinging bottom kind stung a little. But the excitement of watching Rhonda get spanked had my full attention. Then her spanking was over and she was let up to do the spanking dance. And could she ever hop about crying and carrying on so.

Mr. Walters scolded both of us for treating the furniture in such a way and making such a racket that no could even think. I was expecting him to order me to go home. But he instead just said he didn't want to hear any more ruckus down here or he would be back. And he looked at me and said and your next spanking will be a bare behind spanking. Then I will march you over to your house to let your mother know what has been gong on. Understand? And I truly did understand. I was half crazed that he would do that now. My mom was not one to take my side when I have been naughty. No doubt if I was told on about disrespecting the furniture she would give me a spanking I wouldn't forget soon.

After Mr. Walter went back up stairs Rhonda and I expected each other's ouches. It was agreed that Rhonda got the worst of it. But I was so excited yet from seeing her get spanked. I would think about it for weeks to come. It wasn't like we haven't been spanked together. The other spankings we got together were by her mom. I wasn't like in a position to be watching all the details of her getting a spanking at that time. The thing that I was thinking of was how could I get this to happen again.

MaryJoAZ MaryJoAZ 22-25, F 9 Responses Nov 7, 2012

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Sounds like a sore spanking, should have followed the rules or your bottom would not have been punished.

You were brave, MaryJo. At that age, if one of my friends' fathers had spanked me, I would have been afraid to go back over and visit her after that.

Did you manage to make it all happen again?

It was deserved, when I was growing up all my friends parients had permission to spank any of us if we misbehaved at their house. Just like their own kid.

I love your response to the situation - i find it happens more than people realize. Well written!

Jumping on furniture or rough housing has always been a "no-no" while enjoyed your story while well remembering my sister and I being spanked for the same thing.

Wow...I can't imagine a friends mother or father spanking me, especially a friends father! My bum was spanked by my parent and only my parent. That had to be really awkward...I would have been sent home and would have had consequences waiting for me there. At least you only got spanked once that day and you didn't have to take your pants/panties down like your friend, that would have been even more embarrassing. :-(

The thing that I remember is he was so mad when I acted so snotty about the furniture that he didn't think twice about spanking me for it.

Hi, your story reminded me of when my sis and me used to play 'getting around the room without touching the floor', well we didn't actually call it anything but that is what we did sometimes. This involved climbing on furniture, hanging off the fireplace jumping from one thing to another and we did it for ages, (we were about nine or ten I reckon) then she slipped and broke a vase and boy did we pay for it. She tried to blame me but the truth came out and the game we played was exposed. We both went over his knee that night, her with her pants down for lying and me over my pyjamas. Happy days!

I would try lying to get out of trouble, but it never worked. Too bad I didn't catch on to the truth. Just face the consequences and get it over with. I actually hated lectures worse than spankings. But I always got both. I can't remember one time that I just got a lecture.

Getting caught while lying, meant you earned two spankings, possibly a third even. I got spanked by my grandma once because I had lied about something, and gotten caught, cause if I had done it I would have been spanked for it. So I got spanked once for the lie, again for the deed I'd done (later that same night), and then again when I got home, for giving grandma and grandpa so much trouble.

What you describe, sounds like you saw it yesterday. Because I saw practically the same tonight. My sister was spanked tonight for stealing my hair care stuff and fighting, after I'd been spanked for not sharing and fighting. She got it way worse, and I got to watch. Dad actually spanked her tonight for breaking a commandment, and so she got his hand across her bare bottom, then mom handed him the hairbrush and she got some more...i was not sorry in the least, cause it was her actions that led me to get into trouble, so I felt very good about myself. Her hiney was so red after, i nearly laughed out loud.

How old is your sister?

She's 12.
I think she likes it sometimes. Because she got it again tonight. Fresh with her mouth, and over the spanking stool she was, getting smacked with the Goody brush. I was in the kitchen pouring some milk when I heard our mom arguing with her, and over the stool she went, panties down, and wack-wack-wack went the brush. I tried my best not to give it any attention, but seeing her bare bottom get smacked through the bottom the glass, I had to stuff that glass into my mouth to keep from laughing, or I'd be next.

Lol nothing like a sympathetic sister.

I try to be sympathetic, but sometimes my sister has a tendency to get our parents riled up so much, that it tends to make them mad at things that they might otherwise let slide. Its like she tends to egg em on, and then when I do something, or my other sister does something, that's otherwise pretty tame, we get a threatened with, or given a spanking because their so mad at her.

Sorry I was joking, we don't have smileys. Most girls I have talked to enjoyed seeing sisters spanked, at least at times. Especially bratty younger ones, like I was lol.

Sounds familiar. My older brother LOVED to see/hear me get spanked. From my wimpering beforehand up through the last smack administered on my behind.

Well, it's like during Thanksgiving, when the whole family met up at the family farm. There was probably 30+ kids there, and sure enough, we hadn't been there 10 mins, that I didn't walk into someone getting a spanking. It was like c'mon really? I don't need to see this on my holiday. But at the same time I felt a pang of interest watching a 5 year old cousin getting his bare bum slapped a few times, but for him I know it totally doesn't work, cause he's a brat all the time.

@Seafoodgirl. Sure, it's always interesting when it's someone else getting the spanking. But face it, it's not right to spank your kids in front of others, even family.

No, probably not. But that whole, "just wait til we get home" thing doesn't work out too well if your going to be there the whole day for Thanksgiving activities. Besides I've seen far too many spankings to be really phased by it. I think as younger kids we used to play in the mud in our panties/underwear and didn't think anything of it, so when you see a 4-7 year old getting it, it just doesn't have the same effect. Cause even if you don't see it in person, everyone's gonna know you got it. The older kids have been taken to a room at someone's house to be spanked, but you can hear the howling, so its kind of a moot point.

Being around family/friends didn't stop my mom or dad from taking me into the other room and walloping my butt if I started acting up (or embarrassing them in some way). I always thought that the friends/relatives would be silently laughing at me, but I now know that wasn't the case. When I got older, I remember walking into a break room at a university just in time to see a mother drag her little boy behind the coke machine and give him a sound spanking. It wasn't just one swat, either. It was "SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!" while the little boy howled and cried hysterically. I didn't find it the least bit funny, in fact I felt very sorry for him. I realized then that my relatives/friends must have felt the same way when they witnessed (or at least heard) me getting spanked years earlier.

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