LaPorte, Car, Fence

W ow...Where to start. Just saying the David LaPorte bring back some crazy memories. This man a physical and in your face comedian at heart. He had the Bozo the Clone hair cut...Shaved in middle and long and frayed on the out side. He wore pajamas and slippers to school, which was unheard of in my era of air force ones and shell tops.

It all started at Steve Scott's house party. I'm sure i'll tell some stories about that man another time. He might have a fourth brother too...Previously in the night I had dislocated my shoulder doing an attempted ninja flip over Steve's infamous couch. I jumped both feet to my left with my right arm supporting myself on the coach. My left foot made it over and my right one DIDN"T...I did a ninja flip in the air and SMACK on the tile floor with an emphatic slap heard round the world. This was not the first time I had hurt a limb or two and choking on my tears and snot. My friends again were a choir of laughter.

The party had kicked up since that unfortunate moment. I was yayed out, droped out, drunk and straight **** faced. The cops came kicked everyone there CARS... can't give to much creds to those popos in Napkin town. I asked David LaPorte for a ride home because I was gone past screwed and headed straight for Bad Meeks City. I thought this clown could take care of me for a bit. We leave at the cop's discretion to his car which was just a parking lot a way. Bozo was there with LS and me trailing behind like something from a Robert Rodriguez film. We reach the parking lot and low and behold we find that the the gate was shut and locked trapping LS's unfortunate import rice rocket in a cage. but laporte didn't worry...he had a solution. He takes his ghetto as van and backs it up half way up the block...then puts the pedal to the metal straight into the fence. Sparks flew and everyone cheered!! they were also told to leave by the police.

we get to the car and find his key is not working nor is the remote a drunken state LS slams his elbow in the the window gets into the car and realizes it isn't HIS CAR. instead his car was in another parking lot across the way. Both of them went to jail that night in a flurry of red lights.

Lesson to be learned. EVERYONE HAS A HONDA. :-D
Meeks Meeks
22-25, M
May 9, 2007