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Pleasing My Wife!!!

I was reading a story from a woman that couldn't be satisfied by her husband. I want to share my story from when i was married. I was the one that felt i couldn't please my wife the way she needed to be. I thought long & hard about how i could please her. We had a friend that the 3 of us were always together doing something. I'll call our friend K......It wasn't unusual for K to be at our house at least 4-5 days a wk. At that time i felt i wasn't pleasing my wife to her expectations. So one night K came over & we started drinking. My wife said good night & went to bed. K & I continued drinking & BS.....It was really late when K said "i'm tired i better go home". I really wanted my wife to be pleasured to the max & i knew how i was gonna make it happen. I made it like a joke & said to K, "my wife is sleeping, go back & get in bed with her, i wonder if she would know it wasn't me. We laughed & he got up & wnet back to our bedroom & got in bed with her. I knew she only slept in her panties.....Part 1
HighheelWendy HighheelWendy 41-45, M 4 Responses Feb 23, 2013

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He was ready!

great story //not a cuk but would love to see a older man with my wife {or does that make me a cuk}????

Nice set up!! hopefully he's hung.

This is going to be good!