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Pleasing My Wife!!!

I was reading a story from a woman that couldn't be satisfied by her husband. I want to share my story from when i was married. I was the one that felt i couldn't please my wife the way she needed to be. I thought long & hard about how i could please her. We had a friend that the 3 of us were always together doing something. I'll call our friend K......It wasn't unusual for K to be at our house at least 4-5 days a wk. At that time i felt i wasn't pleasing my wife to her expectations. So one night K came over & we started drinking. My wife said good night & went to bed. K & I continued drinking & BS.....It was really late when K said "i'm tired i better go home". I really wanted my wife to be pleasured to the max & i knew how i was gonna make it happen. I made it like a joke & said to K, "my wife is sleeping, go back & get in bed with her, i wonder if she would know it wasn't me. We laughed & he got up & wnet back to our bedroom & got in bed with her. I knew she only slept in her panties.....Part 1
HighheelWendy HighheelWendy 41-45, M 5 Responses Feb 23, 2013

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He was ready!

Sounds like great fun!

great story //not a cuk but would love to see a older man with my wife {or does that make me a cuk}????

No, it doesn't. I enjoy watching Angel, but not into humiliation or cheating. It is just something we do together every once in awhile.

Nice set up!! hopefully he's hung.

This is going to be good!