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Pleasing My Wife.....Part 2

I waited about 15 mins & slowly walked back to our bedroom. The door was wide open & when i got to the doorway the room was dark, from the light in the hallway i could see into the room enough to know what was happening. My wife looked up at me with this scared look on her face. She was laying on her back & K was right next to her liying on his side with his arm around her & resting his hand on her stomach. He was acting like he was sleeping but i knew he wasn't. My wife thought he was just drunk & tired, she whispered to me that when he 1st got in the bed he tried to put his hand inside her panties. I looked at my wife & whispered back to her "it's ok, have fun".....While K was pretending to be sleeping, i reached over & slowly moved his hand inside my wifes panties. He moved a little bit which startled me & i jumped back out of site, i didn't want him to see me. About 3 mins went by & i started hearing my wife breathing heavy. I could see his hand inside of her panties & she was getting totally turned on
HighheelWendy HighheelWendy 41-45, M 3 Responses Feb 23, 2013

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Ohh, she plays the game with you and lets him (you) put his hand down her panties, huh? I think she knows where this is going.

I love this, I have I strong desire to watch my girl friend. and did it, I got her another guy and I watched. I loved watching her.

You should read part 3

Uh huh! On to part 3!