Pleasing My Wife....Part 3

She looked up at me with a smile & i could hear her breathing heavy so i gestured for her to reach over & play with him. He didn't know i was watching but i think my wife had him hard real quick, he called her by her name & they looked at each other & they started kissing. I then made a noise to let him know i was there, it must have startled him because he pretended like he was drunk & asleep & not realizing what he was doing but he was already inside her. He looked up at me in shock & i told them both it was ok & have fun. They had sex on & off all night. There would be nights when it got late & K would just sleep on the couch. My wife & i would be in bed playing around & i knew she wanted K to join us, so one night when he was on the couch i told her if she wanted him that she had to go get him & bring him back to the bedroom. Alot of the times i would just watch my wife have fun & being pleasured!!!
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This was a greater trilogy than the second round of Star Wars movies!

Wow that is so HOT! I wish my husband would be so open like that. Some days I wonder what it would be like to be swingers!!

I, too, wonder about these things!

Try talking to him about it & tell him your fantasy. He just might go for it.

I've mentioned it....he thinks i'm crazy!!

What a waste, he should know if you're hot for variety and should,give it to you.
Wish my wife was a bold, I'd be planning her an affair or even a 3some with me, I'd love to watch her in action.

Do you think you could handle 2 at the same time...Lol

Can you??? ...Have you??? ;)

I've never had 2 men in bed but i'm sure i can handle it =)

I'm sure you would have fun trying :)

I know when the wife would come sit between us on the couch she would sit back with a smile as she would be stroking us like she was skiing...Lol Then i would start sucking on her nipple & they usually kissed 1st. She told me the next day she loved having 4 hands caressing & touching her. Idk why your husband would think your crazy? I know after the 1st night of picturing in my mind K & my wife having sex, the more i thought about it the more it turned me on & started thinking how i could initiate it. If you were my wife & you brought the subject up to me, i would let you pick who you wanted it to be :)

I think he would be too jealous to allow another man to touch me. However, if I suggested a 3some with another woman...he may go for that. He's very very conservative tho so he may not go for it.

Try & suggest that, bring up that you would have a 3sum with another girl then have a 3sum with another guy, maybe he would go for it then!!!

Your comments back and forth are very enjoyable to read! Any updates?

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Ahh, she likes another ****, did she ever just **** him on the sofa and come back to your bed filled with *** for you to enjoy sloppy seconds?

MMM, you have a good hot wife there, you're a good man for sharing her with your friend, have you shared her with anyone else??


No, he is the only one i shared her with. When she would go get him to come join us she always came right back with him. There were times while we were watching movies & i knew she wanted ****** & if i wasn't really in the mood i would initiate it & let them ****. I loved it when she was on top of him & would look at me as she was having an ****** & say "he feels so good". I loved to see her being pleasured!


No she never ****** him on the couch when she would go get him to come join us but i knew she loved the way he ****** her, she said to me "i don't know what it is but the way he moved when he was inside her drove her crazy. Usually on wkends i could tell when she wanted ******, & i knew by him, i would make an excuse to go to the store & i would call her to the bathroom & i would tell her if she wanted to suck his **** or if she wanted to **** him that i would take my time but she had to tell me abkut it. When i would get back i could see it in her face she got a good ****!

Wow!!! How sexy hot!!!!

I would love for my wife to **** another man, makes me very Horney and I would love to eat her *** filled ***** :- >

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More details would sure be nice. You go, guy!

What would you like to know?

We actually stopped for awhile. One day K was over for dinner. After we all ate we went to the living room to watch a movie. K was on the couch & the wife was sitting in the recliner. She looked at me with a sexy smile & said "my hands are cold". I got up & went & sat on the other end of the couch & said to her "come sit between us, we have hand warmers" & smiled at her. She was between us & had a **** in each hand. Then she was sucking his **** as i was eating her!!!

I envy you guys SO much!

Very sexy story! I can only imagine the intense feelings flowing through you, witnessing the event!