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My Wife Spanked Me To Avoid Divorce.

My wife recently filed for divorce, and for her to become in control of everything was the only way that it could be stopped. I agreed to her terms. One of those terms were that I was to be spanked once a week. At first I was aroused by this idea. All that changed at my first session. I was getting out of the shower and she walked In. She had a paddle in her hand. She told me to put both my hands on the vanity, and if I moved them, it would only mean more whacks. So I bent over and placed my hands where I was told. Then it started, she started swinging away. After about 20 whacks I began to cry. She stopped for a shot time. She took my face in her hands and asked if I remembered making her cry. Then she went back to work. I didn't think I could take anymore, then finally she stopped. She then ordered me to stand in the corner while she bathed. While she was drying of she informed that tomorrow evening her bath had better be drawn before she wants it. My rump is on fire but I love her and I just needed correction. I'm sure she will have me like she wants me before too long. I love her and I look forward to living under her control.
Z31X Z31X 31-35, M 4 Responses Aug 24, 2012

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My wife gave me my first naked spanking over her knee on our wedding night.

Thinking of paddling my husband

Go for it. Don't over think it, just do what makes the two of you happy and spank away.


You are a truly lucky man to have a wife who spanks you. I totally appreciate my wife for my spankings.