Wishful Thinking ...

It must have been around 5.30 or so and the alarm wasn't due to ring for at least another half an hour.  I wasn't even awake properly and I just lay there for a few minutes, eyes closed, my mind just easing its way out of a dream and into waking thoughts. 

I could feel the warmth of your breath on the back of my neck.  I was comfortably on my side with my face turned into the pillow.  My mouth opened to receive a kiss from you and I could feel your lips brush across my cheek.  You kissed lightly across my shoulder and I moved to lie more on my front to allow you to kiss down my back.  Your lips found every little indentation in my spine.  Vertebra by vertebra you crawled your way down my back and I arched and moved, stretching to accommodate each kiss as it crept down my body, making me sigh inwardly.  Your fingers stroked across my hip and down along my thigh, followed by your mouth and you drew circles with your tongue at the back of my knee, making me shiver.  Every nerve on my skin was alert to your touch and my body was ready for you, open and waiting for your next move. 

Each lick of your tongue and touch of your fingers made my breath catch sharply in my throat and as your hand reached between my thighs I opened my eyes, still sleepy, wanting to watch you make love to me. 

For a moment confused and blinking, I truly expected you to be there. 

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13 Responses Mar 2, 2010

this is awesome this is what I want !

this is awesome this is what I want !

thank you Bella ... yes, I think all of us would love to be woken up this way. thank you for your comment.

Truly something every girl wants you had taken the words right out of my mouth I only wish I can express my thoughts this way

It works both ways roj!!

You even dream like you write ;-)

thank you ladies

Dang, Bliss! This is just spectacular! Oooohhh, but he wasn't there...though he awoke same time...that's very strange...but sweet. ;) ...........Hmmm...I must learn to write like this...<br />
And I didn't know there is a Man and Woman in Bliss... ???

We already know how much we reflect each other's need MiB. You know it's as strong as ever.

yes, polly ... I'm sure there are a few of us feeling this way.

thanks cass and michelle ... a great way to wake up!!

Oh sweethheart, even though I am so far away, our thoughts meld, and I was awoken early, looked at the clock this morning, and it was showing 5:31... my need for you was plainly evident - I would so have loved you to be there, for us each to enjoy each other...

haha michelle ... yes, hope he's been taking notes!!