I Did...

Today, I not only woke up with a heavy heart, and a feeling like there was something missing in my life, but I woke up with tears falling down my face, and really just wanting to go back to sleep.

Last night I had dreams about my Daughter, about my Beautiful, Emily, about how happy I would have made her, and have given her the Life that I never had.

I had a dream, that I had died or something, and there were people taking care, of my Emily, telling her, how much I Loved her, and how she was the world to me, and how I'd do anything for my darling Emily.

She was my world, and I would have given anything to take care of her, and make her feel Loved, and Happy, and wanted. She would never feel hurt and pain, and wonder if her mother wanted her or not.

I woke up today, crying very much, tears running down my face, aching for her so bad, wanting her in my arms again. I ached to hold her, to kiss her on the forehead, to tell her, that her Mommy Loves her, and Misses her so much.

Today is going to be one of those days, that I am tearful all day. I have my good days and my bad days, since losing my babygirl, and today, is just one of those bad days I guess.

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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

Ah sis.....I have those dreams too. I won't say that it gets easier because I really don't know if it does or not. *holds you tight* It'll happen love.