Waking Up Depressed

I'm not afraid of dying. I've always felt, since I was a child, that I'd die by the time I was 55. I'm 35 so that leaves 20 years left. To some this seems like a short amount of time, but for me it doesn't. What will I do for 20 yrs? Wake up every morning depressed? Push myself through each day and put on the happy face that everyone expects?

I love to travel because it's an escape. I want to continue to escape but there are months of work to get there.

I love to drink because it's an escape.

I love to ********** because it's an escape.

Is life a game of finding escapes?
5amwriterman 5amwriterman
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I'm gay and I am NOT depressed - I think I am here to do something and learn from it - There's always lots to do and to learn in any way you want - Cheer up - It's a great life if you want it to be :-)