"I Woke Up Feeling Depressed This Morning"

I woke up really feeling depressed this morning. I had a date Friday night that went well and overall have had a pretty good weekend. I have been diagnosed with depression in the past and been on meds for it. I am currently not on anything for my depression. The guy I went out with is not over his ex I don't think. We had so much fun and we have had lunch together and talked on the phone for hours. Last night was kind of like our first date. He is a Christain and that is exactly what I had hoped to find in a man and had even prayed about it. I have never been in a relationship with or even dated a Christain. So when he came along I thought God sent him to me. Well he and his ex go to the same church and he went this morning so I know he saw her. When he called me last night he said he really enjoyed our date but then he started talking about his ex and told me that he had hoped that she saw my car in his driveway. See they broke up because she cheated on him. I left my car at his house when we went to dinner. She was next door apparently because her parents live right next door to this guy I went out with. After our conversation last night I have started to feel like he only went out with me to make her jealous. All I know is he went to church today and I know he saw her and I have not heard from him at all today. Doesn't sound good huh? I was so frustrated this morning by all this I didn't even go to church myself! Oh well I guess everything happens for a reason. I just thought this guy was the answer to my prayers. Apparently I was wrong!
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1 Response Jun 10, 2007

i don't think God sends the 'wrong things at the wrong times.' although it may feel that way ... the Bible says differently. it's all in His time ... not ours. and perhaps there's something He wanted you to learn from this before He could send you the right thing at the right time? (that's more likely) nonetheless ... i don't know that i personally would be looking for a 'christian man' or 'church going man' ... but i KNOW i would be looking for a man willing to read the Bible with me - if i didn't already have one ... focus on your relationship with HIM before focusing on the rest of it ... 'abide in Him and He will abide in you...'