Sometimes I Wake Up Just to Eat.

I'm a sleeper!!! There have been times when my precious daughter is trying to wake me up and I won't get up for the world. I will demand food and she will bring it to me. Then I can wake up. Sometimes that's the only way I will get up. But I'm not always this bad.

I have been known to keep food by my bed and I will snack as I wake up periodically. I had this pack of madeline cookies by my bed that I kept hidden so the rest of the house couldn't eat them. I ate almost the whole box until I finally decided to share with everyone else. Then of course my daughter polished them off very shortly.

I love to hear my daughter read The Very Hungry Caterpillar..  She reads it so well. That was one of the first books she could read reallt well. I love the illustration in it as well.

So eat!! Why deny yourself what your body craves!! Everything in moderation!!

PinUpPaige PinUpPaige
31-35, F
Feb 20, 2009