Forced To Wear A Diaper

When i was 13 my 8year old cosin came from florida to for two weeks. He wets the bed and wears diapers my mom told me i had to wear diapers so he wouldnt feel embarresed i told her no and she said if i faught with her i would be made to wear them 24/7 for 2 weeks intead of just nights but i kept fighting then she left the room and said nothing else. the next day my cosin and his step mom showed up at 9;00 so when my mom saw them she hurried me to my room and started putting me in a diaper I fought so she said just wait for your punishment and said smile and pretent to enjoy it so my cosins step mom jamie saw me being put in a diaper and said i did not no u wour daipers like my son and my mom said he soils himself all the time day and night i started to say bu...... she shussed me i tought theres my punishment .I was getting the size 7 pamper on and i saw my cosin in pull ups i was in baby diapers i was so mad.jamie came in and said are u guys wet or full and my cosin robby said yes i said no she said let me check i was sure i wasnt .......WRONG........some how i wet and filled my diaper it was huge i cant belive it she changed robby and he left (he was barly wet)she changed me and said your so bad bad boy and i said he wet too she said your made a big pee pee and a poopie he made a little pee pee i said just because i wear diapers im not a baby she smacked my bottem and said you use the bathroom like one bad boy i had to wear two size 7 pampers all day i was so embarresed i peeded and pooped again but never told it started to smell and jamie said who made a stinky no one talk so she pulled down my diaper and saw my dirty diaper she smacked me and changed me.I found that in a diaper i cant controle my self so this continued for 5 days till i pooped and told no one i pooped 3 more times till i was sagging but then i peeded and pooped 2 more times and my diaper over flooded and every one new so my mom changed me and i told her i had to stop but she said shut up but i said no she said more punishment.this was all during summer and i lasted till sunday the last day he was here he said you still use a diaper i said so do you he said but im 8 and you 13 and your poop and pee more and its messer it was partly true the more part but today was it last day so we went to the mall and i peeded without thinking it leak trough both diapers on my pants and this was crazy jamie pulls me to the womans restroom and strips me down to my soaking wet diapers she changes me pulls out plastic pants and a cloth diaper and forese on me i am so mad then i had no pants and i had to walk around the mall in a cloth diaper for 2 hours i felt so much shame and i felt naked. we get home and robby leaves we have like 10 to 15 CONTAINERS 100 diapers left  i said mom what will u do with these she said your going to wear diapers till your 18 and out of the house that is your punishment i was so mad im 15 now and still made to wear diapers i will be wearing them for 3 more years if not more i m starting to like them but i wear goodnights all day now it sucks.
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you are lucy

I don't appreciate fake stories like this on EP. If you want to post your writings then there are many sites like Deviant Art where you can. This site was meant for people to share there real experiences and conect with others, not a place for trying to get followers/fans/ect. Please take these kikinds of things (fictional writings) elsewhere.

I'm pretty sure your mom can't do that legally. I'd say that a punishment like that would be against the law. You could try telling someone even though it could be a bit embarrassing. The reason why I say tell someone is because you're still a minor. You can't get a lawsuit on her.

This story sounds rather fake.

I un-potty trained myself. But I feel so sorry for you

how in the heck did you unpotty train your self

It can be done by wearing 24/7 and practicing just letting go. Eventually it becomes habit.

i feel sorry for u because u where foced to wear them

Just treat them like pants and don't wet them cus if u wet them u won't be able to control it when ur 18

You cant control yourself, man I can control myself when I have drank 5 20 oz glasses of water and haven't peed since yesterday, and am allowed to **** my pants when I want and run around outside in cold naked, didn't wet a drop man!

Slap the ***** she cant control you fight the power and just ******* disown her she deserves it

Man I wish I had diapers

Have fun being reports trained it would probably be easier to just go with it and be fully babied

You know when you stop wearing them you won't be able to control your bladder anymore

were do you live cause i need a mommy to

Man guys I know it sucks and I'm forced to wear a diaper to so it all started 1 day my friend nic has a bad bed wetting problem so I said to him what's up with the diaper he said I have a bed wetting problem I said ok so then after that night passed I woke up in a diaper but my friend nic was wearing under wear I was like what the hell am I doing in a diaper he said you peed your self so I went to feel and I did I only drank 1 cup of water my mom walked in and said ahahahahaahah look who else pees them self I said I'm not wearing this no more she said exscuse me She said you will if I make you so now I'm forced to wear them to I'm 18 and now I have to **** and **** my self in school

I have to wear a diaper when I go to bed because I have a bladder problem. I don't like wearing diapers when I go to bed because I am 21 but I have to because if I don't wear diapers when I go to bed I wet the bed, I soak the hole bed I have been like this since I was 10 because my mom got into a really bad car wreck with me in the car and know my bladder is permently miss up.

U should post that as an experience

i had a bad school report and my mom said "if you are going to act like a 2 year old , i will treat you like a 2 year old". so she put me in diapers and re-did my room with a crib and changing table. i have my diapers changed 3 times a day and i have to wear them at school to. i have to sit in a high chair when i eat and a 6th grader feeds me at school and my mom feeds me at home. it is really embarrasing but at school the teachers know so that stops me from getting bullied. when my mom foundout that i used the toilet at school instead of going in my diaper she said that i had to wear diapers for 5 more years! i am 15 now and i am still being treated like a 2 year old .

either goodnights l/xl or dollar general overnight biggest size should work those r wut i use btw its warz again* lost my password

I HAD AN EVNT KIND OF SIMILAR TO THIS (OKAY NOT RLY) i was in the car i had to pee and i told my dad he said we cant stop he handed me one of my brothers pull ups

i think huskyclaw has some problems with his own feelings.<br />
and i can tell you that not everyone that enjoys diapers is gay.

this had to be a hell for you.<br />
goodnights are not that bad. you barely see them under your pants

dude you need to tell your mom to stop being a ***** and that you dont need that push her down run away do some thing u have to have some respect for your self stand up for your self for crying out loud

when i get the urge i just start peeing so i wear diaper 24/7 too , but noone has made me run around a mall in just a diaper. i have yet to see a teenager in a mall wearing diapers only.

Where in canada i live in canada 2 and im 15 and love 2 wear diapers. We should hook up lmao.


i like canada it is a nice place! hope we can be friends

were you somehow hypnotized by your mommy?

@hotgirlsinwetdiapers:<br />
I can appreciate your situation. I, too, grew up without a father in my life, but my mother was very strict and controlling. I can only hope that you can appreciate the challenges in life that you have yet to face in your sheltered life.<br />
<br />
Just curious, do you live in the States? If so, how does your mother afford the diapers??

i dont have a dad he left me when i was young and my mom doesnt ever punish me she just says if you do any thing wrong more time i told her i lost control and she says good so when you are an adult you will have to use diapers then two

i dont have a dad he left me when i was young and my mom doesnt ever punish me she just says if you do any thing wrong more time i told her i lost control and she says good so when you are an adult you will have to use diapers then two

@hotgirlsinwetdiapers:<br />
I'm a 30-something guy and despite my medical condition that requires diapers for hygiene, I would want my kids to be potty trained. I would be understanding of medical issues, but if possible I would want my kids to grow up diaper free. Daily diapered is a world completely different when you consider the emotional and financial burdens it presents.

@hotgirlsinwetdiapers:<br />
I'm curious to how your father feels about your situation? If you were potty trained up until 13years old, I can imagine your father would disagree with your continued diaper use. More to the point, (baring any legitimate medical condition) I would imagine that your mother would want you to be potty trained...

robbys out of diapers now and my mom still makes me wear them and she said i have to USE them no tolite i havent used a tolite for 2 years and 2 mounths so anyway when they come back jamie said you big baby you are still pooping your self i murmer because of u and she smacks me robbys comes in laughing at me i say shut up and i got so mad i pooped jamie put me on her lap and said did you poop she smacked my butt with the dirty diaper on it was smashing agasint me i cryed and said stop and evryone was laughing so i said fine i going to show you a baby and get you back.i jumped off and stood there and pooped more for like 3 min it fas so full it was sagging huge and still the poopy was touching my but smooshing and i peed till the whole diaper turned yellow and said thats a baby i ran over and sat on jamies lap and it got on her i laughed so hard.<br />
<br />
then my mom said bad abd grounded me for 2 hours.then she comes in with girls diapers grabes me and changes my clean boy diaper with a girly diaper all pink and says use your diaper now because im showin evryone your girl diaper on vidio she said it stops when i poop and pee and she is sitting there and she will check me then change me and baby me on camera.i cried and then did my buisness.<br />
<br />
two mounths later we went to florida and she had girl diapers there waiting so i had to wear them and i had to wear swiming diapers and no swiming trunks girls were laughing but then they cracked up when my mom changed me in the sand i got in the water and they got water in them and swoll up i had no more diapers so i had to sag around that thing all day and i looked like i peeded 8 times .

i poop like a baby like diarea all the time because my bowls and bladder are use to let it all out and looding a diaper

I have found out that if u use diapers for a large amount of time like my 2 years u lose total control of your bladder and bowls now thanks to my mom I have the bladder and bowls of a one year old. I have to wear diapers because I never know or feel when it is coming or if im doning my pee or poop.

hey do u wanna chat some time?

@hotgirlsinwetdiapers:<br />
I would recommend that you pay a little more attention in your grammar classes at school... Your lack of punctuation, grammar, and spelling made your story challenging to follow. Way too many run-on sentences... You could also make use of paragraphs...<br />
(Okay, now that I'm done being the English police...)<br />
<br />
<br />
It seems that you actually enjoyed your time there... You paint a pretty good picture. But I'm curious about how others reacted to your condition. A preteen walking around the mall in diapers and a t-shirt. How did that make you feel when you saw someone else looking at your diapered state? Also, did you see any ladies watching your changing while in the women's restroom?<br />
<br />
<br />
I somehow doubt that your mother would keep you in diapers until you turn 18... Disposable diapers are not cheap. Unless you actually developed a medical condition requiring the use of diapers every day/night.

He is a baby, you can excuse the grammar. His mom said that will happen, I don't doubt her, my mom is very strict about sticking to her word, so I wouldn't be surprised.