Wet Morning Dippers

I Love waking up every morning in a wet cloth diaper. When I was 24, I wore a diaper under my wedding dress and loved it. It felt so good to pee in it and started to wear it on a regular bases at night. By 25 I started to wear cloth diapers to bed every night and totally enjoyed waking up in a wet diaper. By 28, I wanted to lose my night time control and by 29 I HAD SUCCEEDED. I was wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants uncontrolably wetting them every night and loving every minute of it. I am now in my fifties and still love waking up in a warm,wet diaper 


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I also bought a incontinence panties. I love using them with diapers.

<p>&nbsp;<p>also discovered how exciting is potty trained. I love using them and walk with them, especially when wet. From time to buy and use. I love going to bed with diapers and pee on them while watching television. I see I'm not the only one who enjoys it.</p><p></p>

It would have driven me wild to know my new bride was happily wetting her nappy under her wedding dress.

Dont you start losing all control; day or night when you started doing that? I dont think Id ever want that to happen.

Yes I wondered about your husbands reaction too. I would have thought I was the luckiest man in the world.

Yes Hewholovestobrwet, On my wedding day was the first time I wore a diaper as an adult and when I peed in it, I can not discribe the pressure it brought. I was hooked, the security and comfort a diaper afforted was irresistible. Wetting my diaper was a rush that I could not resist ! The more I wore a diaper, the more my body craved to be in one. The more I wet it, the easilier it became. That is why I am in diapers 24/7 today: Joyce

I know that feeling wetting and wearing a wet nappy or even better sleeping in one is an addiction and such a feeling I love it.

Hi Joyce was wearing a nappy under your wedding dress the start of your wearing and wetting them ?

I like waking up wet too. I know there are so few who understand this and it's hard to put into words but the only way I can think to say it is it just, "feels right". I'm disappointed when I DON'T wet myself while sleeping and when I DO, I feel happy and complete. I'm probably one in a million but I honestly feel like I should have never been potty trained.<br />
I don't wear diapers during the day very often. I want to become a helpless bedwetter and I'm being proactive to make that happen however, daytime incontinence is a different story. I wouldn't mind being totally incontinent but I don't want to "work" at that. Rather, I want it taken from me. Again, hard to explain but I'm hoping by giving away my nightime control, my daytime control will be compromised and eventually lost. I sooo hope I have an experience like your 29th birthday. Maybe it ill happen on my 40th in July. I desperately want to have a totally accidental public wetting experience with my family and friends. I want to suffer the humiliation and I certainly want my wife present so she sees my embarrassment. It would be really special if she's the one who has to "talk" to me about wearing protection during the day. <br />
I really appreciate you taking time to talk to me about this Joyce. I know you know there just aren't many, if any, who understand. I've thankfully found a few here but it's hard to keep something bottled up for your whole life. Thanks again

doodlebug,at first, I would wake up an intentionally wet my diaper.The first time I wet it with out waking up was when I was26 and didnt realize it untill I checked to see if it was wet.It was! I got so excited I wet it again! After that it was hit and miss untill I was27 and was wetting my diaper at night with out realizing it on a regular bases. It brought me so much joy waking up in a wet diaper in the morning, no words can discribe it. At 28, I wanted to lose all night time control and by my 29th birthday had succeeded.I love waking up in a wet diaper every morning,it gives me so much joy. I just love wear diapers,period! Do you wear diapers during the day? Have you lost any day time control yet? After a couple of day time accident I started wearing them all the time. The security and comfort in wearing a diaper is wonderful.Good hearing from you:Joyce

Oh wow! I didn't realize our stories were so much alike. I intentionally wet the bed with my wife beside me in the spring of 2005 at age 35. I began occasionally wearing diapers to bed in the spring of 2006. In Feb 2008, I started wearing EVERY night and that's when I decided to give up my night time control and become a bed wetter again. Virtually no progress was made until December and in the last 18 nights, I've had 6 genuine accidents. I'm 39 and it's really happening! Diapers and plastic sheets are becoming a necessity again. <br />
Do you remember what it was like when it started to happen to you? Do you remember the mornings that you woke up wet for the first couple times and didn't remember intentionally wetting yourself the night before? It's such a thrill! Sometimes I don't even realize it right away. After I've been awake for a few minutes it's like, "OMG! I'm wet". I just want to cry tears of joy when that happens.