Woke Up To The Wettest Diaper Ever

This morning i woke up to the wettest diaper i have ever been in. it was 2 depends with 5 huggies as doublers. im under 18 and still living with my dad, my dad doesnt like me wearing diapers so i had to keep it a secret. i waited until he left before i got up and when i did it was so thick and droopy, and i think it even leaked a little. i kept it on for another hour until i had a shower. normally i dont wear diapers to bed nor do i wet the bed. before i went to bed that night i drank some pedialyte and although it tastes awful it is so worth it because youll just be sitting there and then all of a sudden youll realise that youve been wetting your diaper bit by bit and it soaking wet.

it was the best wet diaper ever!

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When I wear diapers I put on warm clothes. I wear them when I feel scared or frightened in this world.

diapers are awsom no chafing and no geting up dering a good movy

leeya,<br />
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don't you think you're being a bit selfish? you're being put in diapers, so that you won't be waking up in a wet bed. and, by wearing diapers, you're helping out your parents, by not making extra work for them, by having to constantly wash your sheets and bed clothes. i don't know how old you are, or how long you have have been wearing diapers, or if you even have to change your own diapers. but, we have two teenage children, that grew up wearing diapers, and they have chosen to keep enjoying being diapered. so, maybe it's not just wetting the bed, that's making you feel that way.

Online grandpa & especially Micayla, <br />
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Over the last couple of days I spelled it out in detail on another group. If you don't mind reading it there, it'll save me from having to do it over here, just in case you're interested in hearing one person's view. <br />
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<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=235130" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> <br />
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That group is called:<br />
Dont Understand Why People Enjoy Wearing Diapers<br />
<br />
To be more specific with you onlinegrandpa, I think you're finding that those that have "come out" anonymously on places like EP are just excited to have a place to BE. Yes, we/they could be some forms of exhibitionists, but I'm not really totally sure that explanation fits like a glove. Read my history (on that link) and maybe you'll understand how a lot of grew up with this stuff in our brains, much the same as the BSDM'rs grew up with chains & whips on the brain. They're all the way out in the open (the BSDM'rs), though, and diaper wearers have been so closed in for so long, many of them are just flexing their wings in the newfound EP freedoms, and other net freedoms, etc.<br />
<br />
Micala, if you're really interested in getting more information about this lifestyle, you might want to read some of my messages, too, and see if you think it would make sense to discuss things. I try to be a voice for reason among those that wear diapers, and yet, my wife and I still sometimes have to deal with the negative aspects of this fetish, and our life together in the real world . It's forever complicated! Anyway, we've recently reached a point where we are going to go ahead with therapy through a kink-aware-professional, to sort out our 20+ years of problems. I think we'd also be open to sharing with you, to maybe shed some light on how a couple deals with this, among lifes many other issues.<br />
<br />
It's up to you, but if you're interested, please leave me a message or friend me or whatever people do here to contact each other.<br />
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Respectfully, ABDreamz

the reason many of us who have experienced life wearing diapers, and enjoyed it too. is to allow those who have felt alone, embarrassed, ashamed, or like me, to realize that they're not the only ones in the world who actually enjoy wearing diapers, or have the "fetish" to do so.<br />
<br />
this is also where those who have been living in fear, and inhibitions, to learn how to enjoy living a "normal" life, while still being able to enjoy their diaper pleasures. <br />
<br />
it's not about exhibitionism, as it is about showing how life doesn't have be about surpressing your feelings, or your dreams. just think back, to the very first time you saw someone else riding the same bike as you were, or rooting for the same team as yours was, or caught the attention of someone special in your life, by showing something that they were into, too.<br />
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just f.y.i., from a diapered lifer.<br />
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God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
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i brodcast that at school noone makes fun of me im looking for sumone in the houston tx area that is into diapers like i am

"King Midas has donkey's ears!"<br />
Sometimes one just has to share one's secrets, and this seems like a good place for that. It actually helps to share thoughts and feelings, things will crystallize out and become clearer, probably even easier to bear. I'm an 18yr old bedwetter, and it's not something I boast to the world, obviously, even though my best friends know I still wet. What I don't share with them is the fact that I've actually come to like bedwetting and that I have a plastic pants fetish - so much so that I'd rather keep on wetting the bed - which does have its disadvantages and certain moments of shame, as I normally do not wet my bed out of free will - than give up wearing my plastic pants at night. When I was younger, I had some bedwetting friends, but they grew out of it, and I've felt very lonely and sad at times, thinking I was the only bedwetter my age. Now of course I know there are thousands, or even millions of teen bedwetters, and it's a comforting thought. I've also come to realise there are lots of others with this fetish, and that helps too. So I'm not a freak after all :-) <br />
I have no desire whatsoever to become a baby, diapers don't do anything for me (it's just the plastic pants, and don't ask me why), but if that is someone else's thing, I'm fine with it. Telling my stories here - and I started out very tentatively, just saying I'm a bedwetter - does help, and it makes me understand others better. I will not judge. So if Slannen20 enjoys his very wet diapers and wants to share the fact with the world, I'll just say: Great, have fun!

To Onlinegrandpa;<br />
It's called exhibitionism, there is a delight gained from people sharing those things which they particularily enjoy. Most of them do it with a hidden name and avatar.<br />
Not everyone enjoys the revelatiion but there are others who tend to revell in anothers story of individual delight.<br />
My question is why did you come to this particular story?<br />
I came because it seemed odd to be bragging about a wet diaper. because i do therapy and some of my consumers claim to enjoy adult babyhood. I do research to see what sort of person enjoys returning to their life as a baby.<br />
You are showing your bias when you ask why they write about what they do. its the same as bragging when a guy gets laid, they want others to share the excitement.

You know, I'm not at all concerned with you having a diaper fetish, but I don't quite grasp why those of you who do seem intent on broadcasting that fact to the entire world.