Me Too I Woke Up In A Wet Daiper

i was doing good for few nights at  not wating my daipaer but to day i did i was wet my daiper and the bed too

jackmac99 jackmac99
1 Response Mar 15, 2010

i just read another story of a young man who was a bedwetter as well. i will tell you what i told him; you need to embrass who you are and come to terms with wearing diapers. there are many of use out here who would loved to be in your shoes and be able to goto bed and wet our diapers in our sleep. you my not think so at this time but there will be a time in you life when you will want to be back here. all of us diaper lovers there is nothing like wearing them. with being a bedwetter you have that in you. i was a bedwetter when i was young so i kind of know what you are feeling.