Waking Up Wet!

I wake up wet every morning, but I agree with some fellow diaper lovers and wearers, that some nights are heavier then others. Like this morning for instance. I usually wake up, and check my diaper by just placing my hand on the outside crotch of my diaper. This morning I woke up though and didnt even have to to check and knew I was wet. So, I went through my usual morning routine. Today I had to pee again once I had already woken up, so I peed one more time, filling my diaper, and then went into my bathroom. In my bathroom, I have a whole closet filled with wipes, lotion, and all of my diapers. I untaped my wet diaper, threw it away in my trash can, and then set to rediapering myself for the rest of the day. Waking up wet, has to be one of my favorite things about being a diaper lover:) Happy Diapering!

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How do you wet in your sleep ???

Hi, and my question is - do you ********** in diapers when wet? <br />
For example, I wear diapers more for more and I must ********** in wet diapers every day...

I feel so confused, are you guys doing this for fun? I have taken care of sick and elderly folks all of my life and they are not so joyful about being wet in the morning? I'm all for anything that doesn't victimize anyone....I just fail to see the turn on here? Peace, to each his/her own.

Hi, I sleep on a big absorbent towel so I don't get the mattress wet, mainly because I live in a group home, and yes some of the guys, and care giver, knows. And one of the other guys wears too. I also wear plastic pants so I don't wet the bed.

Nice ;)



that sounds awesome! i started wearing diapers about a week ago its so awesome but i just cant seem to do it in the bed while lieing down, i can pee in any other position but not lieing down, any sugestions?

Hi, Thanks for sharing. I'm a "diaper lover" too now. Finally got over my inhibitions and am just getting started on the routines of being diapered. I love putting a fresh dry Depend on just before bed, but have only woke up once wet. But, in the morning, lookout for a gusher, if I'm not careful I have a leak.

Thank you for all of the comments! I should be posting more diaper experiences shortly:)

as some one who as always wet the bed I wake up wet almost every morning and also find sometimes my nappy is wetter than others. Ocasionally it doesn't stemm the flow and I wake in a warm puddle but I've wet ther bed for so long it doesn't bother me. I always sleep through no matter how wet I am. I usually pee again as soon as I wake. I'm wet anyway so why rush to get up.

Woww... I think you are my idol haha, great story! Sounds like that thing was about ready to leak!

Yes, I really had to go! And yes, I have a whole closet of supplies.