I remember feeling like it was deja vu. It was the first night I have ever spent at this house. When we were getting ready for bed it felt as if we had been doing it for years.  We got into bed and snuggled and drifted off to a peaceful sleep. During the night, he kept pushing me off because between my body heat and his, I was making him hot.  I was sweating too but heck I didn't care. I wanted to be close to him.  He was in a deep sleep and I would steal hugs and kisses.  Everytime I did it, you would hear him purr.  I loved it. 

IN the morning he asked if I slept through the night because I generally don't sleep much.  I said no because someone kept pushing me off.  He had no recollection but explained that he hasn't had anyone else sleep in his bed for years so he wasn't use to it and apologized.  He did hold me closer and tighter as he was apologizing and was piling on the kisses to make sure that I felt that I belonged in his bed with him. 

My favorite way to sleep position is with me facing his back so I can hold him closer and tighter.  At times I would put my head on his shoulders and wrap my leg around his waist.  I loved it when at times he would put his fingers in between mine to hold my hand tighter as he slept. Or run his hands over my leg as it was wrapped around his waist.  All of this while he was in a deep sleep.  With every touch, I would reciprocate with a kiss or a tighter hug.  Each time would be followed with a purr.  I love his purrs.  I kept thinking that he would wake up and get mad at me for messing with him while he slept.  He just kept purring away each time I kissed, hugged and licked him.  How I wish that I could have that everyday.

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LOL = so sweet, so wonderful -- I'm happy for you Both ~