It was just like any other Friday night with John. We stayed up late and watched romantic comedies. When I was falling asleep I felt him carry me into my room, tuck me in, and kiss my forehead before leaving without a sound.

I was upset that he could never lay down with me, sleep by my side. It would be inappropriate. Everything we are seems to be wrong in some one else's eyes.

My parents bedroom door opened and there were words exchanged.

I pretended to be asleep when my door re-opened and some one walked in. A deep and soft voice followed the body inching close to mine on the bed.

"You're mom saw me walk out. She told me I could sleep with you tonight."

It was John, I smiled and turned to face him. I fell asleep curled up in his long arms.

When I woke up, I woke up smiling.
StereotypicalRomance StereotypicalRomance
13-15, M
Dec 16, 2012