I Woke Up Next To Someone I Love Just Once

I met someone recently....when I didn t realise I was ready to meet them.

They knew something I didn t....they followed their instincts when I was too scared to trust mine.

They woke up and adored me....I ran away screaming.

We tried again....yet I just couldn t.

Third time lucky.....I woke up and I was there.....I gazed adoringly....felt such a strong surge of peace, joy, contentent. Felt more at ease than I remembered feeling in years....if ever.

But they were not there....phyiscally but not mentally. I could see his mind else where.

It left me wondering if we ll ever meet on the same page.....you know I  think that we just might.

And if not....well then I have had that feeling....I now know what it is.....it puts everything else into perspective....I won t settle for less....not now that I know how it truly feels.
ithappenedtome2 ithappenedtome2
1 Response Sep 25, 2012