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When The Opportunity Presents Itself

Several years ago the whole extended family went to the mountains for a back to nature vacation and guess what? They hated it and after a week they all headed back to the city. The excuses abounded, but I decided I would stay and work on the editing job I was behind on. I could use the peace and quiet. They left me with a car and a big house on a lake. After they had all motored on down the road I realized this would be the perfect time for me to let the woman within come out, but all I had with me were panties. I never anticpated anything like this happening. What would any girl do in a situation like this? Go shopping, Silly. And I found a Walmart about 5 miles away. I needed everything from bras to pantyhose to slips, nightgowns, dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters. shoes, bathing suits, makeup, jewelry, and whatever else cuaght my eye. Believe me when I say my cart runneth over. All I didn't need was a wig because my hair is appropriately long enough and my boobs fill a B cup nicely with the right bra. I more of a Bloomingdales girl but Walmart had everything I thought I'd need, and off I went to check out. The clerk's jaw dropped when she saw all that I had. As she was ringing it all up she casually asked if "This is all for one person?" and when I said, "Yes, me" her jaw dropped again -- further. After returning to the house I put aside all my male things and vowed to be the "real me" for the remainder of my time. And I was. After changing that first day and venturing out again I began to feel like I always do when I am drressed and out for all to see -- fantastic. Over the days I would go into the village for breakfast, to visit a bookstore where I had the clerk put aside copies of The NYT for me, and simply just be seen as another one of the summer people. I went to the movies a couple of nights and never had a problem.
Back at the house a couple of times when I was in a bathing suit and sunning myself on the lawn or the dock I spyed a couple of fishermen eyeing me through their binoculars and I just nonchalantly got up and went to the house. I just didn't want any undue attention.
Surprisingly there was a WiFi connection available and I was able to get a good portion of my work done as well as keeping in touch with the outside world. But all good things . . . as the saying goes and soon i knew I'd best head back to the city. It killed me because for 10 days I was a woman to all who saw me. I even had a guy hit on me in a restaurant. I loved it!
Driving home I couldn't bear giving up the woman I'd become and so I drove back into Manhattan as a woman and stopped at a friend's place to change and leave a lot of my stuff. Even though my wife knows about the real me, I just felt it would be better if she didn't have the full story about my stay-behind time. I did finish the work I set out to do so that was an accomplishment.
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I take every opportunity I can

I am happy for you. I to had an opportutity to dress for 5 days while traveling across the country. I loved it.