Perhaps I'm a Minority Even In the Crossdressing Community

I find it interesting that most crossdressers do so because they either have a known alter ego or split personality, or they get an erotic thrill out of it, or they find some sort of stress relief from it.

Now, it is somewhat of a stress-reliever for me, however, I do not personally take interest in putting on makeup, wigs, and going for the all-out look of a woman; I just happen to think that female clothing is more comfortable to wear, and I like the style of women's clothing much more than male clothing. Male clothing is boring and plain, whereas women's clothing is much more exciting.

Secondly, I am one who thinks that modern society has gotten way out of hand in terms of peer pressure, on certain values, and the like; therefore I take great pride in anything I can do that is, well, "anti-society." Not that that is why I started crossdressing, but that definitely adds to my reasons for doing it.

Now, although, like I said, I personally do not want to go for the total woman look, I would like to wear women's clothing more often than not if I could.

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I wear panties every nite and most days except when I go to home if I'm alone I will change into my schoolgirl, cheerleader uniforms, or satin party dress...I don't wear make up as tall and wide as I am I cant pass but love the little girl style and the soft feeling of the clothing

my mom hates that i cross dress. also i am one of the few cross dressers that isn't trying to pass as a woman at all. i never want to be mistaken as a woman yet i like women's clothing more then men and i also don't want to date men and i will only date women. my aunt is very accepting of me and i love her for that

indyguy55 i'm a crossdresser myself

i agree i love to put on silky pantyhose, high heel and put on my bra and panty to hide my little thing, i like seeing my self in front of a mirror all make up and many times freak out and **********, its a great feeling and stress reliever!

I absolutely agree. I am wearing a tank dress right now and I love it. It covers me completely and my tiny boobs fit right in. It's cool!

I can certainly agree with this out look, although I really believe that if not for family responsibilities, I would transition completely. I am currently in my 13th year of hormone treatments, and get more than my share of looks in public. I present as male, by my wife's request, but would love to dress in female clothing 24/7 as I am allowed to do behind closed doors.

I like you story I have a goatee and mustash so I don't go all femmine.<br />
But like to wear womens clothes and eyeshodow ,high heels they make<br />
my legs look good what I'm trying to say is there is a lot of femmine things<br />
I do for the fact it gives me a nice feeling of being whole with myself

i have a goatee also and still dress in full.I have a way to hide it if your interested.

I don't go for the whole woman look either. I love hosiery, skirts, and panties. I also like to wear lingerie too... and its not all sexual. I get dressed in clothes that make me feel good and comfortable. If that leads to making love with my wife, then great... but it doesn't have to.<br />
<br />
My fem clothes make me feel sexy in a way that boy clothes can never do. For me its fun, sexy, and hey... skirts are just plain comfy. No bras or makeup for me. I don't want to be a girl, I just want to feel girly. For me its a balance between my male and fem sides.

I like wearing dresses and skirts too. I think they are more comfortable to wear. I don't do the total woman look. I just wear dresses and skirts. I have gone to a few places dressed that way and received lots of stares but I don't care. I like the comfort of wearing them.

Hi son well you can but you have to becareful because as much as women wear our clothes ALL the time it is frowned upon for us to wear women's and those that do not know take us for being gay.<br />
I am Samantha and I have been doing this all my life. Samanthalynn101365 is my circle if you would like to join. I have a lot of fans in my circle you can talk to us and ask for advice if you want. <br />
Love Samantha

It can be both. Sometimes I dress completely and then just do ordinary things around the house, nothing sexual at all. Other times I am a sex maniac in a skirt.

Hello! I agree to most of what you say!...Each to her own! I dress as I feel I am A woman! ..I don't like being a male! At the age of 56 It is certainly not an ego thing! .......In some ways it has to be a split personality thing!...I don't enjoy going back to being memale!....I am so much happier as Shauna!....I am her right now!<br />
...If I had the money, I would go through with the operation,as would many of us!....Besides, I am too old!<br />
....Enjoy your life, girl!.<br />
<br />