Women's Clothes Are Just ... Right!

I am a man, and I don't have a problem with that, although I have had occasion to question my true gender in the past. But I love wearing women's clothes. Women's clothes feel natural, feel right and feel comfortable. I am constantly surprised by the number of women who choose to wear jeans all day every day. They say "Oh, I haven't got the legs for skirts." Bollocks! Having great legs shouldn't be the determining factor in whether or not you wear a skirt. Anyway, let us guys (not forgetting the bi and lesbian girls, of course!) be the judge of the quality of your legs!

I'll tell you what, girls, give us a few good looks up your skirts or dresses and we won't give a damn if you've got chicken-legs!

But back to the story. I've been wearing women's clothes since I were a little lad. Since before it was sexual, through any and every item of girl's clothing being a phenominal turn-on, and back out the other side. Way out!

I find women's clothing comfortable. It feels perfectly natural to wear women's underwear, blouses and tops, skirts and dresses. It has been said that I have a far better dress-sense for feminine clothing than for men's (although it has also been said that I take an unusual interest in what goes with what, for a man. Bit of a give-away, that one - watch out for it girls!).

I find women's clothes far more interesting. I truly envy women the range and choice they have in styles, colours, fabrics - everything! I also envy women the choice of skirts or dresses etc or trousers. Women have far more freedom of choice in clothing style than men do. It is thought that may well be why there are far fewer instances of female-to-male cross-dressers than male-to-female - because women can wear what may be regarded as traditionally male-type clothes without being branded perverts.

And it is true, I do love to wear bras and my false boobs. But I do wish I could wear skirts and dresses as freely as women can wear trousers (pants, to our American friends). If I could, I would wear 'women's' clothes, if not all the time, certainly an awful lot more than I do. And without wanting to have gender reassignment, without having to try to 'pass' as a genetic woman and without having to pretend to be something I am not.

And, yes, I find sex dressed as a woman incredibly erotic, whether with a guy, with a woman, or with any combination thereof. but is that because I'm wearing women's clothing, or is that simply because I am enjoying my true nature? In some ways being cross-dressed is like being more naked than naked.

What about men's equality. That's what I say! Let's burn our Y-fronts!

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I like you story

I agree! Y-fronts should all be burned.<br />
Thanks for sharing.<br />

a very interesting (and perhaps revealing ) essay. you can you know wear womens clothes practically fulltime if you are careful, by that i mean because some womens clothes like pants ( yes i am american ) or blouses are are very neutral in appearence so that as long as you feel comfortable wearing a blouse that buttons to the right or pants with a side zip no one (except maybe another woman ) will notice, so you can wear jeans and silky tops and your frilly lingerie 24/7 ::::wink :::: i won't tell, heehee unless i corner you in the restroom (WC to you brits ) have fun sweetie, love, tessa<br />
p.s read my blog you may enjoy it