Chapter 1: The First Exile.

------------Chapter One----------------

It's funny the things you remember. Like the sky. The day we exiled Ghostclaw, the sky was of the purest white. Like milk, cold and fresh. I remember my mind and body going numb. As as beta sometimes you had to leave emotions and friendships beside.

"Do y-you want me to leave?" Ghostclaw said in a small voice.

The pack was silent, I looked to Tamaska who was frowning down at the fresh snow. That silence was awful, so awful my ears began to ring. It seemed to go on forever, I looked to Akhai and Kasa to see if either of them were going to say those crucial words. Although there stares were hard and frozen and their lips were pressed into flat lines. I knew if no one said anything this silence would go on forever.

I emitted a shaking breathe as I replied, "I think that would be best."

Ghostclaw's ears flattened as she turned around and slunk off into the thick array of pines. When she was out of site I turned to Tamaska whose claws were sinking into the earth. Just then all hell broke loose when he snarled and paced back and forth.

Akhai's serious expression melted into sympathy, "Tamaska..."

"Don't even!" Tamaska snapped.

The fur on Akhai's neck bristled, although I think he let Tamaska's disrespect slide due to the circumstance. I turned to Kasa who looked as if she were gathering the words to console the pup, although nothing came out.

I looked at the tracks Ghostclaw had left behind, the only she had left behind. "This has only just begun." I said more to myself than to anyone else.
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good story u should publish it :D