She Awakens Chapter 5 (long Story)

Seeing the brute come in, Ondine's fur rose. Although he was a handsome wolf, she rolled her silvery brown eyes. Great. Now she had to talk again. "Don't get cocky, wolf. You're not as intimidating as you think." Ondine snapped. She bared her canines, standing tall. She wasn't easily intimated. She shook out her golden brown pelt, yawning.

She walked over to the cougar, limping slightly. She ha noticed the cougars eyes were still open. Ondine had only ever killed wolves and elk. Even then she gave them comforting words as they died. She nudged its eyes closed, glaring back at the brute, her lips peeled into a snarl. She kept her head high, as well as her tail. She didn't think of the brute as dominant. Especially as a stray.

"Ignore him, Suta. I've encountered his type before." She rolled her eyes, as Suta continued to lick her wound. Ondine didn't mind talking to Suta. Perhaps she would be one of the few wolves she could be loud and playful around. "I used to. I was beta. I left a while ago. My brothers name was Severin, he is the newest shaman of the pack. He is my pride. He lost his pride in me when I fled." Ondine explained, leaving out a few details. She looked over at Adrian. "Hmph. I can imagine. Keeps to himself eh?" She shook out her fur, looking back down at her wound.

Adrian only smirked, unmoved by niether fae. He only cared what he thought of himself, not others. He wouldn't be Adrian if he filled everyone's needs. "Oh, so shaving your life and giving you food was nothing?" His voice still held ice in it, but there was some teasing.

Pain flickered in his usualy icy heart when thoughts of his dead mate came unbidden in his mind. The pain squeezed the breath out of him, but his apperance remained stoic and dominant. What none knew of Adrian was that he was something of a suffered soul. He had no family, pack, mate, or pups. He was completely alone in the world, and his mate had died two days ago, leaving his heart cold and wounded.

Shaking his head he turned to head for the deer, planning on taking a bite before leaving. "Maybe...." Adrian shut his muzzle and shook his head. He didn't need to explain himself to them. Going to the deer he began to gnaw on the hide, then finally got some of the shoulder. His hackles were raised, the alpha in him showing through.

He stepped back, his white muzzle now stained red by blood. His pale orbs went back to the cave.Ka would want him to keep an eye on the cub at least. With a sigh he sauntered past the faes and into the cave. He dropped some meat in front of the pup then went deeper in the cave and laid down and eat.

She stopped licking Ondine's wound and went for food, you could see her bones when you would see her eat. The way her back was out of place, her legs where skimpy. Her tail and head where the only things that looked normal.

She glared at Adrian as he ate his food, showing her teeth and taking claim of the food in a dominate pose. "I would have no second thought of fighting you towards dominance if you want to challenge. But at this state. I can't even hunt or food." She said as she lay on the cadaver. Her snarl and the way she ate loosened up into a very gentle state, where she would get small proportions of the food and eat them that way. Her eyes became soft instead of tensed up. And her tail tucked. This was a sign of her M.P.D. (Multiple Personality Disorder) She has an Omega side and an Alpha side. The Omega side of her is motherly and very nice. And the Alpha side is dominate and ready for a fight.

When she was done eating, she scooted the cadaver over to Ondine for her to eat. When she looked at Odine in the eyes, her eye colors where more clear than they where before. Her one of her eyes where tinted blue, and the other was green. Both where glazed with grey. Gold was slashed across them like they where struck by a gold painted whip. Every wolf that has scene her eyes would fall to the floor. Because they are unlike any other wolf has had.

Her ears where low to her head and her head sank to the ground. She walked over to the pup, took the food, and started to shred it. "I hope that will help for you to swallow." She turned to Adrian and she sank to the ground and lay, starring at him. Her blue and green eyes reflected off the dusk sun, making them deep and vibrant.

She burped and spaced off. Satisfied with the first meal she has had in four days.

"There's no point in fighting an idiot." Ondine snapped. Those were her last words of the day. Cocky wolves were her pet peeve. She would've ripped the brutes throat out, but there was no point in violence. 'Don't bother fighting with an idiot.' Those were Severin's last words to her. Although she hated him for that, he was right.

Ondine shook her head at the cadaver. Ondine store into her eyes. They were quite nice. It reminded her of her parents eyes. Ondine's silvery row eyes looked into hers. But no matter her position, Ondine's eyes always had that look of pride and power in them. But Ondine's eyes spoke for her. Ondine wouldn't eat the game.

When the two headed into the den, Ondine slipped further away. Although she liked warmth at night, Ondine was also extremely cautious. Especially without Severin around. The sun's rays bounced off Ondine's golden brown fur, making her fur seem like real gold. She lay her head on her paws, sighing. She missed her old pack. Although she wanted to head back, the only thing left for her there was Severin. And she knew Severin well. Once you had left the pack, you were a forgotten soul. Heading back to her old pack was no option now. She rolled onto her back and peered up at the sun, whining. She had her mother's fur. Mostly golden with hints of brown.

Rolling back over, Ondine inched away further. The only wolf she really trusted was Suta. The brute had given her a wrong impression. And as a beta, the wrong impression could lead to consequences. But Ondine had let it slide. I should have ripped his throat out... Ondine thought. But she knew her family would disapprove greatly. And besides, what was the use of killing another wolf? He had just pissed her off. He hadn't attacked or anything.

Suta closed her eyes. After an hour of still being awake. She was getting angry. You could her her growl every little more. Later, she got up, walked over to Adrian, and was snarling and growling over him. She was still asleep though. She was sleep walking. She would stop growling one minute and just stand there. And then the next she lunges forward increasing her growling and snarling. Her eyes would still stay closed.

Hearing the growling and snarling, Ondine stood, walking closer to the den, but sprang on top of the den, taking her home up there. She looked around, seeing nothing. Relaxing, Ondine lay down and curled up tightly into a ball. Her stomach growled, but Ondine made no movements to eat anything. She stayed in her spot, closing her silvery brown eyes almost sadly. After an hour, she had finally fallen asleep.


Ondine's hackles rose when she heard two rather gruff howls. Her head rose, as her ears flinched, locating the area of the howl. Ondine's felt a chill down her spine. The howls were calling her name. Ondine kept her place over the den, as her eyes began to scan the area. The howls sounded like her old mate and brother. Ondine couldn't take the tension building up inside of her. She sprang off the top of the den, mentally running to the source of the howls. She was seeking only comfort now. Far from where Adrian, Suta and Evanella where.

She reached a clearing, as her head swiveled around to find the wolves. "Show yourself." She snapped, as she heard paw steps behind her. Her muscles tensed under her fur, and you could clearly see them. Her ear flinched as a growl escaped the mouth of a creature, as Ondine turned and snarled angrily, before regaining her composure. It was Severin and her old mate. But. Her mate was dead. Shot down. And Severin's eyes weren't blue. Ondine suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable. She knew who they were. But it took one last male to join the two impersonators. It was the wolves she had traveled with. To her disgust, they shed the pelts of Severin and her old mate.

And suddenly, it happened again. She attacked. She began ripping out flesh, eyes, and at one point, she pulled the bottom jaw off of the most dominant male. It was quick for Ondine to finish, but when her gaze met the ground, she was terrified again. Around her, lay blood bodies of the three lupes. One had no eyes at all, as they rested at her feet, the other was missing a huge portion of his ribs, laying at Ondine's side, and then the jaw. It hung from her mouth. Spitting it out, Ondine cowered back. "Not again. Not again..." Ondine looked up from the carcasses to see a massive brute, his jaws opened, going for her throat, and then-


Ondine's eyes snapped open, a yelp escaping her throat. Her eyes were watery, and she could feel herself shaking. Ondine whimpered, hopping off her post. She could feel the water from in her eyes escaping. Her worst moment from her life replayed once more in her dreams. She took a spot far away from the den and curled up tightly, her paw running on a scar across her neck. She looked down at her leg pitifully. Whines could be heard from Ondine, as she stayed in her little spot. She had never shown any signs of weakness or sadness. But here they were, escaping her like a pup who was lost in the woods. Ondine's body continued to shake violently, as she tucked her head in more to hide her face and neck.

Suta wakes up and started to cry. She backed away with her tail tucked between her legs and her head low to the ground. But when she heard the whimpering, she became curious of the sound. So she went into the woods saw Ondine laying there in fear. Suta could tell she was scared. So she nuzzled Ondine and leaned up against her, licking her fur for comfort. "Ondine, what's wrong. Was it your past?....sorry to intrude. I just have's hard to explain" Ondine's kept licking her fur.

Ondine nearly jumped out of her fur when Suta nuzzled her. She was stil shaken from the dream. The bloody body parts, and then that one wolf who always seemed to make an appearance in her dreams. they tormented her. But Suta was like a motherly figure, and Ondine hadn't met one of those for a long time now. Her tail thumped beside her, motioning for Ondine to sit. When Suta was laying down, Ondine rested her head on her paws. Ondine had always need to talk about her dream. Well. It wasn't even a dream. It was reality. She figured Suta was the only one she trusted at this point.

"You're not intruding. I'm glad you're here, actually." Ondine whispered, and began her tale. She felt if she talked about it, her dreams of her reality would fade away from her.

"It happened when I left my original pack. I met up with a pack of three brutes. The most dominant and I had what I thought was sparks, but I was sadly mistaken. The wolves I was traveling with were mental. But they seemed fine. The thing about them, was they didn't know how to hunt. So they would bring a wolf into their little pack, and then they would allow them to be the dominant wolf. But after a week, they would attack and eat the wolf.

I happened to be their last target." Ondine murmured, taking a deep breath before she got into the most horrid part of it all. "They got me when I was sleeping. The one I thought I had loved, had taken me by surprise. He went for the neck. He looks a bit like Adrian, same personality, but he was somewhat more open, and he had dark brown fur. But anyways, i was quicker and lunged at him. And then I was surrounded. One against three didn't seem fair, but things ended well in my favor. But..." Ondine closed her eyes, closing her sight off from the world. "I took the smallest lupe's eyes. Ripped them right out of his head... The second one lost his entire right side of his ribs, and the one I thought I loved... I took his bottom jaw, clean off his face. And the next morning, I found this cut on my neck." Ondine shuddered explaining it.

She moved her golden brown neck to expose the scar, before hiding it from the world once again. "I never saw it happen, but after I..." She refrained from saying the word kill. "I always saw the wolf appear in my dreams, going for my throat..." Ondine sighed, looking at the ground and digging her claws in.

Suta got up, stood over Odine, and growled a loud furious growl. But she was looking at the ground and not Odine. Then she spoke in a very dark, demonic voice. But royal at the same. Don't le that get you down! You have a body. You have fur, You have eyes, you have a nose, you have teeth, you have a tail, you have legs- NOW USE THEM!" Suta barked loud. And then, she yelped and scurried away with her tail tucked and her ears flat. It was a sign of her MPD.
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