She Awakens Chapter 7 (long Story)

Suta looked up at Ondine. She saw that Ondine was spaced out. Probably thinking of something. Oh, the signs Suta can read. Although she regrets even having the option in her life.

Suta stood up and propped herself up on Adrian and Ondine. As Suta limps to the den, Suta hears something in the distance, like a ruffle in the shrubbery. Her ears where locked into the direction. Every-time it makes a sound, she pops her head p and looks. She could tell that Adrian and Ondine where curious, but they kept walking with her.

They finally got back to the den and Suta was in in alarm. She knew something was there. She kept her eyes on the outside of the den. Finally, Suta spoke, " there something out there?" She didn't move her head and she stayed in the sound of the direction.

Ondine helped Suta back, her eyes watching the ground the entire time. Once Suta was safe in the den, Ondine followed her gaze. "I'll go check..." She murmured bitterly, turning and running out of the den, disappearing out of sight in roughly 2 seconds.

Ondine found herself alone in the woods again. Really, she just needed to think. She couldn't leave Suta. And she had taken a slight liking to Adrian, but he could never match Pierce. But something was calling her name, dragging her out. Ondine had always followed the nagging voices in her head. They always lead her to something great.

Adrian only made a sound in his throat to answer Suta. His body language gave away no sighns of his waryness, but his pale orbs kept roving the woods around them. He tried as much as he coul to take most of Suta's weight, knowing that the other fae wasn't in the best of shape at the moment.

Carefully, he helped settle Suta into the den. Giving the surroundings another once over he then took off after Odine. His movements were swift and sure and he moved like the ghost he resembled. His auds strained for any sound, ready to snap at whatever he found.

Finally he caught up to her, and he couldn't help the comfort that settled over him at the thought that he had another with him, even though he didn't trust her yet, but that would come with time. The wounds on his heart were still fresh after all.

Adrian wished to ask her what she thought it was watching them, but he didn't dare.

Feeling Adrian's presence next to her, Ondine relaxed slightly. If something was out here, she may not be able to take them herself. Her eyes remained on the ground, watching her paws indent the ground, getting muddied the entire time.

Perhaps she didn't trust Adrian yet, but there were things she needed to get off her chest. He was an alpha, and Ondine's old mate was an alpha. Perhaps they had one thing in common. They missed their mates.

"Are you wondering what I thought about you and Suta?" She murmured quietly, closing her silvery brown eyes. Her hearing was always sharper when her eyes were closed. Ir proved well in farm raids as well. Her head remained close to the ground, a sigh heaving from her chest tiredly. Perhaps she wouldn't run off on her own.

"I had a mate once too, Adrian. Pierce was his name. It happened not too many moons ago I lost him to those damned humans." Ondine sighed, the image of Pierce flooding her thoughts, causing a whine to escape. "He was just like you. Stubborn, hated talking, and somewhat cocky." She chuckled at the thought. Even as a pup he was like that. "But overall, he had a kind heart. On one of our farm raids, it just so happened one of those damned humans were waiting for us. Sadly, the alpha pair were shot down protecting my brother and I, and Pierce was shot down protecting me..." Ondine trailed off. Not only did they just shoot them, but they were skinned of their furs and hung, leaving their carcasses to rot.

Her eyes remained close, as an apology clawed at her throat. "I apologize for my pissy mood earlier. I had a certain encounter with three lupes not too long ago. The dominant male seemed like you. It's not easy to trust a wolf these days, y'know?" She said, opening her silvery brown eyes too look at Adrian, mixed emotions playing her eyes.

Suta looked at the pup. She was worried that she might be dead or something. So she nuzzled the tiny creature, "Are you still sleeping little one?" She had a heavy feeling in her throat. But she ignored it.

The sound she heard a while ago disappeared. Suta wanted them back because she felt a little unsettled. So she howled a long deep howl, telling them it's safe. She decided to lay her head on her paws after that.
In her mind she was thinking of her pup. She slaughtered her herself. Thinking of the thoughts running threw her mind she started to wine. She hates the other side of her to death. the pup was all hers. All because of that damned side of her.

Cursed, I wish. Me, why me. Why do I have to damned. Then again....My poor baby. I miss her SO much. Even if it wasn't intentional. Being raped by another wolf. All because of my other personality. Well, I could believe that she loved him. I didn't love him at all. Can you call it rape? Ugh! So many thoughts, they hurt!

Suta got up and growled at herself angrily. "Why me! WHY WAS I DAMNED WITH THAT SIDE!?" She went deeper into the cave and cried louder. She was unable to control herself.

Suta has had these spats at herself before. It's all of her locked up anger. She at-least needs to let it go sometimes. But this moment she was worried about the pup. She looks over to the pup with tears in her eyes. She felt her heart snap and rebuild itself, taking her breath away. She loved her pup so much. She was a joy. But when she was with her father, she became the devil.

"I'm sorry FeLesigne.......That's all I can say.....I am sorry..."
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