She Awakens Chapter 8 (long Story)

Adrian looked over at the fae as she spoke. For a second his usualyy icy heart filled with pain for her and the memories her story brought. Shock replaced the sadness as the fae apologized. Looking back ahead he found his own story slipping from his mouth. "My mate was killed by hunters two nights ago. I too should apologize for my behavior, but I do prefer not to talk. I tend to lash out when I do."

It was then he heard the howl. He stopped and looked back. "I can't afford to get attached to anyone yet." That was all he said as he gave up searching for the odd noise and continued on to the den."

Ondine's silvery brown eyes filled with remorse for Adrian. So they had both lost their mates to humans. If only they could find the humans who took their mates lives, and end their own lives. Humans were a creature Ondine wouldn't mind to kill brutally. She gently bumped Adrian with her nose, a somewhat smile on her face.

"Talking isn't my thing either. I tend to loose my temper once I do." She smiled, reassuring the brute. But she didn't mind talking to Adrian, especially when he was more calm like this.

Ondine's ears and hackles rose as she heard Suta's howl. She turned to Adrian, confused by his words. Can't afford to get attached.. She thought. His words rang through her head. "Neither can I." She murmured to herself, sprinting after him. She caught up to him quickly, and even though she ran on three legs, she passed him and got to Suta quicker.

"Suta?" She murmured gently, stepping into the den, heading in deeper to find the fae crying. Feeling bad, Ondine lay on her stomach next to the fae, nuzzling into her fur reassuringly. "Suta, what's wrong?" Her head tilted, her quiet voice filled with utter concern.

Suta's switch personality took over her mind. She didn't know what to say because she didn't want anyone to know. Suta is constantly confused. Instead of talking, she got up immediately and furiously growled at Ondine. This was Suta's dominate side that was showing. Easily tempered and very dominate over mates and herself.

Suta finally spoke, "Get away from me or I will kill you" Her fur rose about an inch and her tail was curled to her back. Her sharp canines had blood on them from the inside of her mouth.

Before Ondine had come in, Suta was hurting herself by slamming her snout into the ground to punish herself. Then after that she bursted out crying, but still in her angry pose. You could tell that Suta was mentally fighting herself by the way her action where and the way her body moved.

She turned away and went deeper into the cave by running threw it. Suta is one absolutely challenged wolf that any wolf that she has known could handle. That's why she is always pushing herself away and always scared.

Ondine rose slowly, but her head and tail were still high. Every sign of emotion had disappeared from her face. If Pierce, her mother and Severin had taught her anything, it was to stand her ground. Especially if you had a pack to protect. Ondine showed a bit of Pierce. Her eyes almost flashed a yellow, her lips pulling back into a slight snarl. She let out a slight growl.

"A pack is supposed to be there for their packmates. Right now, you and Adrian are the only packmates I have. Kill me if you wish." She murmured quietly. She remained in position, her silvery brown eyes staring deep into Suta's, as if she was judging her.

She looked back at Adrian as Suta took off. She bumped the brutes shoulder before calmly padding deeper into the den. Ondine was also known for her calm demeanor. Although it would change to that of bloodlust extremely often, her calm demeanor was always there. "Suta. What's wrong?" Her voice was demanding, but gentle as well.

Confused and dazzled at the events displayed before the young pup, Evanella, had released a small whine. She was hungry, and had yet to eat anything. After the cougar attacked she was half startled. The tension within the cavern seemed thick, so curling her white fluffy puffed tail about her front paws had brought what she thought was safety. Evanella despised fighting and the raise in tone had shaken her up some, scaring her.

In the past Evanella had been around a ton of fighting, and blood shed. She didn't want that spread now. "P..Please, Don't fight?"

And our later, Suta was still deep in the cave where know one could see her. She said in a scared voice "Are you guys still...m-m-mad at me?" Suta was trembling in the dark. All you can see is her Blue And Green eyes. Suta was so low to the ground that she was on her stomach.

Hearing the pups pleas for them to stop fighting, Ondine pulled away quickly. Her body began to relax, and her fur began to smooth out. Her soft spot always had been for pups. Her tail lowered to the ground, and her head adjusted to a more comfortable height. She yawned softly and sat on her stomach, laying her head on her paws. Taking pity was something Pierce usually would never do.

Hearing Suta's voice, Ondine got up, but became submissive. She had always done this for younger wolves, or for omegas. She wasn't one to enjoy the ranks given. She wanted to make the younger ones, who couldn't leave the den, and omegas, who were always picked on, feel better.

She began to crawl on her stomach towards Suta, her tail was tucked, and her ears were pressed back against her head. Seeing Suta's eyes, Ondine's silvery brown eyes shone through the bits of darkness. She shook her head gently, nuzzling Suta softly.

Adrian knew his words would only worsen things and that his temper would spark easy, so he hung back. He was always ready to lunge forward and break up a fight though. Little did the faes know was that Adrian wouldn't dare harm them. He'd been raised to cherish faes, for they were the ones that gave birth to the next generation. He would've merely shoved them aside, pin one to the ground, or turn away his head and profer his meaty shoulder to take the bite.

Quietly his ghostly orbs followed the two, widening slightly when Odine became submissive, something he would never do. His orbs went to the pup and he found himself standing to go sit by the pup. Its then he hears Suta's question. "No." Was all he said. He was more confused then angry.

Smiling, she pulled away from Suta to give her her space. A wolf needed space. Perhaps that's why she left her old pack. She trotted past Adiran and Evanella, hopping to the top of the den. She looked to the sky, her eyes sad once more. "Are you watching me? Can you hear me?" She not only spoke to her dead mate, but to her Mother too.

Ondine threw her head back and gave a quiet, gentle, silky howl. A tune rang out with it. It was the tune her mother used to sing to her. As her howl ended, Ondine lay her head on her paws. "That's when loneliness goes away..." She murmured to herself. And Ondine swore, she could hear their howls in reply. They had finished her tune. Ondine sighed. "I miss you both..." She murmured. "I wish it was me, Pierce..." She had begun to talk to herself. "I should have taken the bullets. The same goes for you too, Mom..."

Ondine sighed. The two most important wolves in her life were gone. Dead. And the other... Decided to leave her. She looked back to the night sky, her silvery brown eyes gleaming. "I'm alone now..." She whispered audibly without herself knowing.

Suta came out, she seemed extremely different. Her tail was high and she gleamed at Adrian. She chuckled darkly. Her hair was risen and her ears where strait up so does her tail. She spoke it a dark evil tone, "Of presents thee, who should I bow?" Those words where the words that she says to show a male that she can take them.

She smiles, almost like a snarl. But it still meant as a smile. Her sharp teeth peeked threw her lips, her nose went backwards and her snout up. Suta was practically stood on her toes. Her muscles have doubled and her eyes gleamed red. She speaks again with a deeper, growling tone, "I dare thee, to step forthword of the ages of time" She said. "You recon me, but you speak to a shell, not of pear." She smirks largely.

Suta's MPD was showing again. The meaner side of Suta is her shell. Not the real Suta at all. To this version of Suta, every-word meant something to her. She would act darker every time Suta's sweet side felt comfortable around the group. That is how Suta lost her pup. This side has killed her.

"Suta's" heart was raising, pumping more blood into her system, giving more Oxygen to her muscles, making them grow in size. The blood strain threw her body made her eyes turn red instead of the regular colors she has.

Suta was flirting and threatening both Ondine and Adrian. This side of Suta, is a messed up machine.

Hearing Suta's voice, Ondine shuddered. It was an odd tone. It almost sounded human to Ondine. She noticed that the fae was talking to Adrian. Sighing, Ondine looked up to the sky once more. "I miss you both." She murmured, hopping down from her spot on the den. She often wished Pierce was standing by her side. They always fought together.

Walking past Adrian, Ondine had regained her dominance. Of course, she thought being dominant over three other wolves was stupid. If anything, they should be working together. But Suta's MPD was getting in their way. Ondine kept her head high, and as well as her tassel. A sigh escaped from her mouth. Oh how she hated talking.

Ondine's voice held slight power, but also annoyance. Her temper was flickering. Now she really wished someone she loved, or loved her was standing by her side. But no. they were all dead. And her brother had abandoned her. "You're letting your anger get in the way." She said coolly, her muscles bunching. "Look, Suta. If you want to make any process to the Rain Pack, or want to care for this pup, you need to control your emotions, or personality or whatever it is. You can't be losing yourself." Ondine snapped almost harshly. She hated snapping at wolves, but, sometimes she had too.

Lowering herself to become more comfortable, Ondine turned and picked up the pup by her scruff, calmly hopping to her spot on the top of the den.

Hearing those words put Suta back in place. Suta pined her ears back, tucked her tail, and lowered her head in shame. Suta cried again and flew back into the cave. Now Suta was afraid of both Ondine and Adrian. She doesn't ever want to come out. But she still has too.

When she was scurrying back into the cave, all she could say was "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

In Suta's head, she has said sorry too much in her life. She was sorry for hurting her mother by pushing her into a pit. She said she was sorry when she killed one of the captured wolves. She said she was sorry that she killed her own pup. But I'm Sorry does not cut for some people. All of these thoughts, and I'm sorry running threw her head made her cry even more. It's hard for her to handle herself.

Ondine could be strict, and harsh, yes, but she still cared. She trotted quietly after Suta, no longer with any dominance or submission. She carried herself at a comfortable height, laying on her stomach by Suta. She kept her head up, and gently nuzzled Suta. "I'm sorry. I was too harsh. Don't blame yourself. I'll help you find a way to get over your personality change." Ondine said quietly and kindly.

Then Ondine remembered the howl her mother had sung to her when Ondine was a pup. But, it carried words. Ondine smiled once more at the memory. But... Ondine couldn't howl the full tune. her mother sang. It would've made Ondine wished she had taken the bullets once more. So she would sing only part of it. So she threw her head back gently, quiet, gentle silky, comforting words escaping her muzzle.

" When you're feet, are made of stone... And your convinced~ That you're all alone... Look at the stars~ Instead of the dark... You'll find your heart, shines like the sun~ But let's not let our anger get us lost... When the need to be right, comes with way too high a cost~

That's when you can build a bridge of light, that's what turns the wrongs all right.. That's, when you can't give up the fight~ That's when love turns nighttime into day, that's when loneliness goes away~ That's, why you gotta be strong tonight... Cuz' Only love can build us a bridge of light~"

Ondine wouldn't finish her howl. She smiled reassuringly at Suta. Now she needed time to herself. She padded out of the den once more, and not to return to her spot on top of the den. She limped quietly into the forest, licking her wound. The howl reminded her of to much. Perhaps she could sleep it off in solitaire. She just needed to be alone. Upon finding a warm spot, Ondine curled up on it, laying her head on her paws tiredly.
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