Intergender Kung Fu - Part One

Julie and I train together in a school of traditional Kung Fu. We both like the school because traditional Kung Fu is a complete self-defense style.   Karate and TaeKwonDo involve punching and kicking.  Judo and Jujitsu involve throwing and grappling.  Aikido and Hapkido involve joint-locks.  Traditional Kung Fu includes all of these skills, to give a person all the appropriate options in self-defense situations. 

I have been training a bit longer than Julie, and am one belt higher.  Julie is not only quite talented in Kung Fu, but, is extremely good looking.  She is a short brunette, 28 years old, and about 5 feet 1, to my 5 feet 9.  I was somewhat her mentor when she first enrolled, helping her with basic movements, until it became obvious that she didn’t need my help.  She is personable and friendly, and we occasionally go for coffee after evening class.  I thought about asking her for a real date, but, thought it might make things uncomfortable in the school.  So, I was biding my time.

She had decided on Kung Fu because, a year ago, she was attacked and nearly raped.  Luckily, when she screamed, two cops walking the beat rescued her.  Her attackers ended up in jail.  She testified against them and they would be out of commission for a while.  So, by the time they get out, she wants to be able to defend herself.

While I certainly am getting pretty good at Kung Fu, I have felt that someday, she might pass me by; not, of course in fighting, because I’m so much bigger and stronger, but, in general skills.  At first, this prospect bothered me a bit.  But, it also incentivized me to work hard.  As a male, being surpassed by a woman is difficult for me.  But, I also learned long ago that some things in life cannot be helped.  However, I was determined to give it my best.

Julie and I continued to become closer friends, until one day she asked me why I had never asked her out on a real date.  I was a bit surprised at the question, but explained my reasons and she seemed to accept it, although she obviously thought it to be a bit trifling.  So, about a week later, I decided to give it a shot.  She accepted, and we took in a Saturday afternoon movie, and then went for dinner.  It was very pleasant, and we proceeded to spend more time together. 

We continued to train, and to see each other socially.  We sparred regularly in class, and she began to hold her own better and better.  Kung Fu includes a complete set of skills:  blocks and counterstrikes, joint locks, throws, and floor grappling. I really enjoyed all kinds of sparring with her.

After two more months of casual dating, she invited me to her apartment for dinner and a movie.  I had remained very reserved on our weekly dates.  The most amorous I had gotten was a good-night kiss when our dates ended.  I could tell that she wanted more, but, decided to wait for her to push the issue.

We had a nice dinner, which showed me that she was good at more than Kung Fu.  Then, we adjourned to the television.  As we watched the movie, she kicked off her shoes and cuddled up next to me, which was quite nice.  She was wearing a semi-revealing blouse, and a mini-skirt.  She had on no hosiery.  I put my arm around her and could feel that our relationship was moving to the next level.  She put her hand under my shirt and fondled my chest, which was almost more than I could handle.  But, I did.  After the movie ended, she suddenly climbed on top of me and attempted to pin my arms to the sofa, over my head.  “Let’s see how good you really are”, she said.  It was the surprise of a lifetime, and I was thoroughly excited by it.  Her mini-skirt gave her the versatility to straddle my body, but, it also gave me an amazing view of her toned and sexy legs.

I sat there for a moment, not finding any reason to resist.  But, then she gave me a reason.  With an impish smile, she asked, “how about a winner take all”?  

“What do you mean”, I asked, hoping my guess was correct. 

“I mean let’s do some grappling.  The loser has to submit to the winner.”  My first thought was that I was a winner, whether I won or lost.  But, I decided to win.  As I resisted, I realized that she was very strong and capable.  I managed to get my arms free, grabbed her around the waist and wrestled her to the floor.  She continued to put up a good battle, and her mini-skirt, under which she wore hot pink panties, gave me considerable distraction.  It took a bit longer than I expected for me to get her on her back and pin her helplessly to the floor by lying on top of her, tying up her legs with my legs, and pinning her arms over her head.  She began laughing as my physical arousal, poking into her groin, became all too obvious. 

“I guess you win.  So take whatever you want.”

“Sex”, I asked?

Again, she laughed, “I’ve been ready for that for weeks, so if that’s all you want, I’m good with it.  But, you get to be in charge, so tell me what to do.” 

I was somewhat flummoxed, so I just said, “do a *****-tease for me.”  Then I let her up.  I sat back on the sofa, and watched, as she slowly danced and removed her top, then the mini-skirt, leaving her in her hot pink bra and panties.  She turned away, and removed the bra, then slowly slid her panties down and off.  I, of course, was nearly euphoric as I watched this sexy show.  I saw her body as being exquisite.  I gulped as she turned to face me, showing off her incredible assets.

I stood up and, although I could barely talk, squeaked out, “now undress me.”  She proceeded to remove my clothing, after which we adjourned to her bedroom and had delicious sex. 

Although I’m sure I was welcome to spend the night, I had an early meeting at work in the morning, so decided to go home a couple of hours later.  At the door, she kissed me, told me what a delightful time she had, then added, “don’t worry, at the school, nothing will change.  No one will know about this, or that there is anything unusual going on.  But, I would like a rematch.” 

“Anytime”, I said with a smile.

The next evening, at martial arts class, she behaved perfectly normally, treating me as the higher belt that I was.  We sparred a bit, along with a dozen other students, and everything was as normal, except that I could not help but be a bit distracted by knowing, quite intimately, what was under her martial arts uniform.  After class, we went for coffee, and had normal conversation.  As we were parting for home, she asked, “When do I get my rematch?”

“Your place or mine”, I asked? 

“Friday evening, my place, after class” she said, “bring your toothbrush”.  It was Thursday. 

“I’ll be there.”

The next day, I could hardly concentrate on anything at work, but, managed to make it through the day.  We had a truly energetic class that evening.  It was grappling night, and the Master used me to demonstrate some of the movements, which was quite an honor.  Julie watched from the sidelines, then practiced with two of the female students.  So, we had no contact.  I practiced with three other men, and we wore each other out.

After class, we met in the parking lot to confirm our date.  She smiled with a confidence that belied her previous loss.  We chatted for just a moment, then decided to grab a bite to eat before heading for her apartment.  We stopped at the local Burger King, and had a quick meal, then headed for her apartment.  She beat me there by several minutes, and met me at the door.  She had changed her clothes.  Once again, she was wearing a mini-skirt, a revealing blouse, and that big smile.  I wanted to jump her at that moment.

“Are you ready to go”, she asked. 

I tried to act cool and calm, although the protrusion in my trousers surely gave me away.  I asked, “same conditions as last time?  Winner take all?”

“Okay, but, I think we should go Commando?”

“Huh”, I was confused.

“Let’s compete naked,” she said, still with that confident grin.

I hesitated, and she said, “come on, we’ve seen each other naked already.  Do you think you can’t handle me naked?”.

What could I say?  We both ******** down to our birthday suits, and my erection was immediately embarrassing.

Julie laughed, “do we need to do something about that thing before we start?”

“We’ll take care of it later, thank you”

So the match began.  It was entirely different, trying to pin her naked body.  Just as I would have her nearly pinned, she would slip out.  Several times, she actually got me on my back and had me momentarily in fear of losing.  But, I too managed to escape each time.  Finally, after about 12 minutes, I got her on her back, and was lying on top, perpendicular to her body.  I had one arm behind her neck, the other wrapped around one leg, and my hands locked together.  This is known as a “cradle’, and once I got it locked, I knew she could not escape.  My face was directly at her right breast and, knowing I was in full control, I took her nipple in my mouth and gently nipped and sucked.  She struggled hard, but, after a few moments of working on her breast, her movements slowed, and turned into a relaxing rhythm.  She began to moan, and I knew it was time.

“Surrender,” I asked?

“Yes,” she gasped.  I relaxed the hold, picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, where we spent a wildly enjoyable night.

We slept in the next morning, and since our deal was “winner take all”, I told her she had to fix me breakfast, and serve it in the nude.  I showered and brushed my teeth as she cooked.  She brought me a delightful breakfast, in the nude, as required.  We ate together in bed, then had another round of sex.  As a final gesture, I required her to wash off my genitals before I left for home.  As we parted, she said she wanted one more shot at me.  The first two had been so enjoyable, that I couldn’t say no. 

“Next Saturday evening, right here,” she suggested.  “And no meetings between now and then.”

“What?  Haven’t you enjoyed our time together?  Can’t we just date normally this week?”

“No!  I want us both hungry when we meet on Saturday.  I’d also like to propose some new rules.”


“You remember my two friends, Gloria and Wendy, right?”

“Yes, I remember them.”  Now I was quite curious.  I had met both of them momentarily a month before, when Julie and I were having coffee.  They were both quite hot, and seemed friendly.

“I’d like them to attend our contest.  If you win, the three of us will be your slaves for a week, in any manner you choose.  If I win, you will be our slave for a week, in any manner we choose.  This slavery has no limits except there will be nothing that creates extensive pain or physical damage, and nothing that creates public embarrassment beyond our group.  You may, if you wish, invite up to two of your friends, as long as they agree to abide by the same conditions as Gloria and Wendy.” 

Even though I had beaten her twice, and was sure I could continue to do so, this was a new level of risk.  It had just been between Julie and me.  I was apprehensive about the possibility of being a slave to three hot women for a week.  On the other hand, where was the down side to that?

After I hesitated, she smiled, cuddled up to me, and said, “Oh, is him scared him might lose to the little girl?  And him’s even a higher belt-rank.  Chicken?”  She rubbed against me seductively, and made chicken noises.

What could I say?  “Okay, I’ll agree.  But, I think I’ll leave my friends out of it.  I don’t want to share my three slaves.”

“Too bad, Wendy and Gloria would love to each have their own slave.  But, we’ll go with it.  We meet at the coffee shop, after class on Thursday night, to clarify the rules.  Okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

“We don’t communicate in any way until then, except where required in class.”  I agreed and tried to kiss her good-by.  She brushed it off, smiled coquettishly, and closed the door.

Needless to say, I was overwrought with anticipation, and the week went by very slowly.  I saw Julie in the school, but, we generally ignored each other.  I was not required to practice with her, so there was truly no communication. 

Finally, Thursday evening arrived.  Class was very vibrant.  The Master worked us until we were worn out.   I was really glad that my contest with Julie was still two days off.  I assumed Julie had already briefed the two ladies, and was quite embarrassed about the meeting.  We met at the coffee shop, as planned, and Julie re-introduced me to Wendy and Gloria.  Their knowing smiles told me they knew the story.  After ordering drinks, Julie summarized the rules:

1.       We would fight one round, to the finish.
2.       We could wear whatever we wanted to wear.
3.       It would be strictly grappling.  There would be no striking.
4.       There would be no attacking the genitals (this was a great relief for me).
5.       There would be no sexual tricks to gain an advantage.
6.       The winner would be the first to pin the other, and control them for 30 seconds, or to get the other to submit.
7.       If I win, the three ladies become my slaves for a week.
8.       If Julie wins, I become the slave of the three ladies for a week.
9.       The slave will do absolutely anything the Master or Mistresses command, no questions asked, as long as it does not involve excessive pain, physical damage, or public embarrassment.
10.   Everyone was allowed to go to work, and other required activities, but, could not invent work requirements to escape from slave time.

I looked at all three ladies.  They all smiled and agreed.  I, too, agreed.  Julie then asked the question, “I am committed to this contest.  Given the rules, if there is anything that could cause you to back out?” 

I was confused by the question, but answered that while the contest was less important to me than it seemed to be to Julie, I would not back out under any circumstances.

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”  They all began to laugh, and I became even more confused.

“Who wants to tell him,” Julie asked?

Wendy jumped in, “I will.  Julie has been sandbagging you.  She could have won either of your previous contests, but, threw them to get you to commit to this final contest.”

I was skeptical, but, couldn’t back out now. So I just smiled and said, “Yeah, right.  I don’t believe that.  Let’s do it.”  I tried to put on a face of confidence, but inside, I was unnerved.


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