Intergender Kung Fu - Part Two



On Friday, I asked the Master for a private grappling lesson. I was happy to pay for it.  So, after class, he spent an hour with me.  After the lesson, I asked him for an honest appraisal of my abilities.  He said I wasn’t bad, but, really needed to work hard to come up to my belt-level.  “So, I’m not as good as I should be for my level,” I asked?

“No, but, with a month of hard work, we can get you there.  Right now, in grappling you’re about two levels below the belt you’re wearing.” 

Great!  Julie was one belt-level beneath me.  Now, I was really worried.  But, surely my physical strength and size could carry me through.  And was she really sandbagging me?  Wendy might have just said that to erode my confidence.  Unfortunately, she was somewhat successful. 


On Saturday evening, at the designated time, I showed up at Julie’s apartment.  All three ladies were already there.  And, my Heavens!  They were all wearing sexy tops and micro-mini-skirts.  They were smiling and friendly, as though nothing unusual was going on. 

Gloria then approached me, “I can’t wait to get you naked”, she said.

“Good luck with that”, I replied.

Then Wendy approached, “After Julie wins, first we’re going to share you as a group, then you’re coming to my apartment for a private session”.

I said, “We’ll see”.

I tried not to let it show, but, my confidence was waning.  I was wearing my Martial Arts pants, my belt, and a t-shirt.  The living room had been cleared of furniture, and was ready.

Wendy and Gloria sat on chairs in opposite corners.  As they sat, they flashed lots of leg, a distraction I did not need.


Julie and I squared off and began.  Immediately, I realized she was much better than she had shown me before.  I feinted and got behind her, and threw her to the floor, going down with her, causing my confidence to soar.  I held her from behind and tried to lock her up.  She struggled, turned and we were facing each other.  I held on and tried to drive her to her back.  But, she wrapped up my legs with hers, preventing me from gaining true control.  All this time, she was smiling at me, as though she was not expending significant effort.

Her hands were free, so she pushed upward on my chin, forcing me back, and causing me to release her.  So we were back to standing neutrally.  Before I could think, she dove for my legs, slipped behind me, and took me down.  She was on my back, and I was face down.  I tried to get up, but, she was too quick.  Suddenly, I realized I was in trouble.  She grabbed me around the neck in a choke-hold, which I tried to break.  Being stronger than her, I knew I could break out in just a few seconds.  Unfortunately, the term “choke” hold is a misnomer.  If the hold is done properly, the victim is not actually choked.  Instead, the hold closes off the artery that sends blood to the brain.  The effect is nearly instantaneous.  In a matter of seconds, I felt myself losing consciousness.  My last thought was, “Damn!”

I awoke with Julie standing over me, smiling.  “Are you okay”, she asked?

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Good, because that was too fast and too easy.  If you want, I’ll give you another chance?”  Wendy and Gloria sat there whispering and snickering, and I was mortified that they saw my humiliating, and easy, defeat.  What could I do but agree that I wanted another chance?  My confidence was shattered, but, it was either try again or admit to being the loser, and take the penalty.

Before I could answer, she said, “But, if you really want another chance, you must agree to up the ante.”


“It doesn’t matter how.  If you don’t agree, we will just declare you the loser, which by rights, you are.  Do you agree?”

“I guess so.”

“Okay, here’s the deal.  We’re going to play ‘***** grappling’.  We’ll have a series of matches.  For each match, the loser removes an article of clothing.  First one naked is the loser.  Then our original bet applies.”

I was happy to have another chance, and was unable to come up with a reasonable argument against it.  So I really had no choice but to agree. 

“I’m wearing four articles of clothing, as I assume you are, counting your belt.  So, even though I already beat you once, we’ll start even.”


If I had been confident, I would have told her I did not need any favors, and that I would start out down one item of clothing.  But, after losing so quickly, I couldn’t bring myself to do that, despite the fact that my humiliation in front of Wendy and Gloria was increased even more.

So, the match began.  I was determined to not let Julie sneak up on me again.  So I was wary, and careful.  She jumped at me, and I jumped back, before I realized it was a feint.  All three of them laughed at my nervousness.  She again went for my legs, and I reacted by sprawling, causing her to fall, face down, with me on her back.  I could go for the same choke she had used on me, but, somehow could not bring myself to do that.  I managed to tie up her legs as I grabbed her right arm, and pulled it behind her back.  I could not pin her without turning her over, so decided instead to get her to surrender.  I twisted her right arm, and slowly increased the pressure.  She struggled, but I had her.  Her harm hurt more and more until she finally tapped out.  I had a win!

When we stood up, she had tears in her eyes.  Now I was starting to regret hurting her. 

“Is your shoulder okay,” I asked?  I approached her and reached for her shoulder.  She allowed me to gently massage it.  Then, she looked at me, and with an unemotional expression, removed her top.  I gulped as she stood there in her miniskirt and bra. 

“Ready for round 2,” she asked?

My confidence was up, and I was energized.  Yet, I wanted to be careful not to be overconfident.  And, I still felt bad about causing her pain.  “Yes, I’m ready,” I said.

Again, we circled.  I slipped in close, and we grabbed each other by the arms.  I was pretty sure I could take her in any test of strength.  I forced her arms down and behind her back, as we came chest to chest.  She tried to trip me, but, I was too heavy.  We fought for a while, in this ungainly posture.  Finally, I turned my grip into a bear hug, and took her gently to the floor, on her back, with me on top, and her arms still trapped behind her back.  The weight of my body began to take her breath away, and finally, she gave in.

We stood up, with her breathing hard.

“Do you need a break,” I asked?

“No, I’m fine,” she said, as she removed her miniskirt, and stood in her bra and panties.  I glanced at Wendy and Gloria.  They were silent and I could see worry on their faces. 

Round 3 began, and before I could develop a strategy, Julie got behind me again and grabbed me in the same chokehold as before.  Not wanting to be unconscious again, I quickly tapped out.  We stood up and I removed my belt.  I knew I would have to remain careful about letting her get behind me.  I also knew I had let her near-nudity distract me, allowing her to get the choke hold.  I could not let that happen again.

Round 4 lasted a long time.  We rolled around on the floor, neither of us gaining a significant advantage.  Finally, I managed to get her into a cradle, and pinned her.  But, I had a new problem.  I was depending more on my superior strength, as Julie used better technique.  This was resulting in me being nearly exhausted.  And while Julie certainly was tired, she was not nearly exhausted.  I thought to myself that if I did not win the next round, she would gain back some momentum. 

She jumped to her feet, and I got up more slowly.  She nonchalantly removed her panties.  Apparently she did not want her breasts flopping around as we wrestled.  Her bush was well-trimmed and a terrible distraction.

“Let’s go,” she said.

I would have preferred a break, but, did not dare suggest that.  So Round 5 began. She danced around, not letting me touch her.  It only took a moment for me to realize that she wanted to wear me down some more.  So I went on the attack.  As I stepped in on her, the caught my arm, turned her back and executed a shoulder throw.  I hit the floor on my back, dazed.  Before I knew it, she had grabbed my ankles and pulled my feet up over my head.  She was kneeling over my head and holding my feet, bending me nearly double.  She inched forward until her naked ***** sat on my face.  When she settled down over my nose and mouth, I had no choice but to surrender by tapping the floor.  But, she didn’t let me up, causing me to panic.  I struggled until I nearly fainted from lack of air.  At that moment, as my struggles eased, she rose up and let me get one brief breath, then sat down again.  Once more, I slapped the floor vigorously, until nearly unconscious.  And again, she let me have a short breath.  I lost track of how many times the nearly suffocated me.  Finally, she let me go, and I laid on the floor gasping for breath.

“Are you okay,” she asked, with a smirk on her face?

I gasped for a while, and finally managed to speak, “Why didn’t you let me up when I tapped?”

“Oh, were you tapping?  I thought you were just enjoying me sitting on your face.”  She laughed heartily, as did the other girls.

I removed my shirt, slowly, as I tried to catch my breath.

“Do you want to go on, or do you need a rest,” she asked?  I was fading fast, but, could not bring myself to ask for a rest.  I was still ahead and only needed to beat her one more time.

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Love this story and can't wait for the rest!!

great story!