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Are there any women who have had a lover with a much larger **** than your hubby or boyfriend and find you now prefer a larger man?

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My husband is fully endowed with a man's penis. I've never measured it, but it's long and thick and makes sex with him wonderful.
My ex husband had an unusually small penis and it became an issue that contributed to the demise of our marriage.
I am now a happily married, sexually satisfied woman with an amazing man for a husband.

mines 11 and 8 round

As a uk born and raised indian i’ve only ever been with Indian guys till a couple of months back i got chatted up by this hunk of a black guy at a friends graduation party,`i’d had a few drinks i never go or sleep with guys i’ve just met but he was just so irresistible his charm,confidence and strong body i ended up going back to his place with him, i told him to leave first from the graduation party and i’ll meet him outside after about 20 minutes as i didn’t want friends ect gossiping that i went with a ‘ black guy ‘, we hopped in a Taxi and back to his place ‘ well what can i say it felt like losing my virginity for a second time ‘ although i’d slept with quite a few indian guys before him this ‘ black guy ‘ was something else the stamina he had and the way he was handling me was something else i’ve had many ‘ orgasams ‘ from previous indian partners but this was the first time in my life i experienced a ‘ squirting orgasam ‘ it was absolutely mind blowing, we had a ‘ no strings ‘ for a couple of weeks till my boyfriend started getting a bit suspicious something was up, my boyfriend gets on pretty well with my dad as well and if my dad found out i was sleeping with a black guy he’d send me to ‘ India ‘ but now i just don’t seem to enjoy sex with my boyfriend anymore and also when i’m out and about now shopping ect i constantly find myself eyeing up ‘ fit looking black guys ‘ something i never used to do before.

That is sooo hot ;)

That's kind of mess'd up and Sad for guys with smaller penis. To bad there's not much you can do to solve this type of issue to keep your marriage or relationship loyal and truthful towards each other, and have your woman turn elsewhere .. Hurts

It's undeniable how good a nice big **** feels.

I prefer a larger penis. I am having sex with a guy with a 10 inch penis. Not only is he long, but he is thick. He feels my vagina to the max. I get wet just thinking about how good it is. It bothers me because I am in a relationship with someone much smaller and when we have sex, I can't stop thinking about the other guy. I practically drown my partner when we have sex because he is so little. Size never mattered to me when I got into my relationship 14 yrs ago because I was in love, but he cheated on me several times and one day I started taking to the attention I was getting from other guys. I would never leave my guy because he takes good care of me and our family, but his sex no longer does it for me. I love the feeling of being stretched out. I know how you feel. It used to hurt at first, but once I got used to him pounding me, I just can't stop! I only want him for sex and nothing else.

yes i nice large one can go where no man has goe before,,lol,, and going deep gives really good *******,, have you layed on yer left side and he behind you on his left side ?? he can really go deep there,, try it !!

while some can some guys with huge dicks think thats all it takes ( not all tho ) to make a lady have pleasurable sex if the guy can read her body on every reaction to her that makes her feel good if he keeps at it with her than he can give her great sex even if his **** isn't huge i know when im hooking up with a girl if i pick up on her pleasurable reactions by the time im finished ill be having scratch marks on my back xD and im 5 inches and im thick

yes... and i must say... i've gotten addicted...

I played in a rock band once. Me and the female singer wound up having and affair. She had a boyfriend. One of the times we were having sex I asked hr about her bfs ****. She came right out and told me his **** was bigger than mine. With her fingers she showed to be about an inch longer and about 1 inch thicker. Mine is 6 inches his was large. We had an affair for a long time. Until finally I had to call it quits. I am married. Anyway..she never complained and always wanted to have sex with me.

My wife Hannah met when we were both young, she was 18 and I was 27...we got on really well but when she turned 24 we started to argue and we felt it was time for a break..As we had our own home she said she would stay with her friend, even though I offered for her to stay put. Anyway to cut a long story short, we split up for exactly 15 weeks...during that time we did do the odd text and phone call. We broke up in December and in Feb 14th, valentines day, I sent her a text to see if she wanted to go out for a meal. To my surprise she said yes. We met in a restaurant at 7pm and she looked great!. She wore a black sexy dress and had her hair done etc..she looked fantastic..anyway we got on great that night and I popped the question about us getting back together which she said yes to. She moved back in 3 days later and I gave her a hand with all her stuff. The first thing I noticed was her complete wardrobe change!, she had loads of new outfits..not that it was a bad thing. The day she moved in was also the same time she had a hair appointment and when she went to this I couldnt help but have a sneak in our bedroom. To my amazement her undie drawer was my focal point. I can confirm that every single item in that drawer was new, mostly very small g-strings and a few basques along with loads of pairs of hold up stockings. When she got back from the hairdressers I went and got a chinese and a few bottles of wine. We were watching a film on the tv then had a good long chat. I asked her what it was like staying in her friends house, this is when she told me that she had met a guy through her friend. His name was Mark and he was way older than Hannah at 48. she said her friend kept asking her to let her hair down and go with the flow. I started asking Hannah all sorts of questions, and she told me that she was introduced to him 3 nights after we split. He asked her out on a date and she said yes. Hannah said he was really tall, professional, good sense of humour and really easy to get on with. They had 3 dates without anything happening until Mark asked her to go back to his after the 3rd date. She told me she went back and that she spent the night there and had sex numerous times. I should have felt bloody angry but I was so eroused it was unreal!! and she seen this and just kept on talking about it. Hannah casually mentioned that his penis was huge..her exact words were 'His willy is massive!"... I started firing all sorts of questions at her asking her how many times they did it etc. She said they met every Tuesday/Thursday and Sunday nights for the last 11 weeks. She would go to his place and stay the entire night on a few occasions. That night was the first tme we had sex since she came back and the first thing I noticed is that she was fully waxed!!...(I have been asking her to do that for years lol)...the sex felt so different that night I can hardly explain it. The next day I noticed that she was getting calls to her mobile that she kept cancelling...about 6 in all. I basically asked her who was calling her and she was truthful when she said Mark. He was looking to meet up with her again and kept texting her and calling her to meet up. We had a long chat about it and I hit her with a straight question and asked if she wants to meet him, she said she didnt want to lie to me and told me that she would. I felt incredibly aroused and told her to go for it!!...all I remember was my mouth being as dry as sand when I said this....2 days later Hannah had arranged to go to his place, that whole day was amazing, she went to get a waxing and a tanning and I could see she was extremely looking forward to seeing Mark. Watching her getting dressed was fabulous...she wore a sexy black dress with hold up stockings and a tiny little black and pink see thru g-string. Mark asked Hannah to be at his at 6ish. I even dropped her off close to his place at the said time. Even though I wanted to text her all the time she asked me not I understood that. I knew she was spending the night there and I asked her to give me a call to pick her up where I dropped her off.....2pm I got a call the next day!! I didnt mind as I knew they didnt see each other for the last couple of weeks. When we got home she told me they were at it from about 8pm right through the night and infact when I picked her up they just finished another session. Hannah and I went to bed when we got back and she was extremely tender so I had to be really careful and take it easy. Once we did it, she was out for the count for the rest of the day!.
They still see each other twice a week, one night is for a few hours and the next is for an allnighter...I literally couldnt be happier and she is really happy about it aswell

Damn that was hot, do you clean her up when she come home to you, I love doing that to my wife. Keep the story coming.

I like dropping my wife off at her boyfriends house and then having to pick her up. Her boyfriend has a very big penis and I often pick her up at his condo and have to wait for them to shower together after they have sex. He likes to walk around with his big **** swinging in front of him. I know my wife tells her friends about him and his penis behind my back.

I suspect your willingness to let your wife continue to see her boyfriend preserved your marriage. And isn't it a lot hotter to have a wife who has an improved attitude toward sex by her grooming and sexy clothes and lingerie? I loved watching my wife getting ready to meet her lover -- watching her getting all sexed up for him.

Yes, from the first time (an ex) I encountered a big, especially thick one on a man that was a decent lover.

Not all big d icks know to f uck, thats a fact. I had a woman that I had an affair with,her husband had an 8in. c ock and mine is 51/2in. she would tell me she never came with him,but came always with me. the affair lasted 2yrs till I moved away.

i want to lick ur pusy

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My wife's last lover was 10 inches. How do I know? Because she loves to described how he wrecked her when we make love. That's not too often, these days :( Hmmm, maybe she's back with something bigger than the 5 1/2" I give her.

My wife Hannah BF is big aswell....Im 4.3, thinish

Bigger is better. i am a 4inch (on a good day) white male that loves watching, helping and cleaning big ***** with my gfs. er.....ex gfs that is. i enjoy the cuckold lifestyle very much!

are you bi-sexual or a white man that enjoys seeing a white woman having her ***** stretched and satisfied better than an average whit **** can?...not being a smart-***...most white men that i know, that enjoy seeing white wives pounded by big, black ****, usually have small dics....just husband loves to see me take black ****, cause he has a tiny **** and gets off seeing men with much bigger ***** than his, ******* and making his wife ***! <br />
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yes, and yes. I would give my wife the full range to do what ever she wants - and I would lovingly eat her ******** if she offered - but no luck she is to much of prude. And yes my **** is only 5" and skinny

Not many women posting on this subject. I would also like to hear stories about women who have tried bigger male members and found it uncomfortable or even painful.

I have recently taken a lover with my husbands knowledge and he is bigger by several inches...And yes i do prefer it to my husbands.

What if your husband got one of those hollow strap on big dicks? Would that satisfy you and keep you from going elsewhere? THat way; he can be as big as you can take it.

What about those medical grade silicone strap ons? They are supposed to feel like the real thing. Its not fair some of us guys are not born with a big ******; and also not fair women can get a boob job; but guys cant get a dickjob. If I could; Id get me a 12" big around as a beer bottle. Also seems like women are more turned on if you have lots of money; so I guess that is something I can work instead.

My **** is 7" but if you were mine I'd still encourage you to find something bigger.<br />

wow you girls have me believingthat size does matter!. damit! lol

wow you girls have me believingthat size does matter!. damit! lol

lol it doesn't my well now ex gf ( had to break apart cause of moving ) but before we started dating she would be having sex with guys that was huge and one night she was horny and yes we was friends at the time she started rubbing on me when she unzipped me she saw that i wasn't huge like the rest of the guy's she had been ******* with but i'm 5 inches most guys she was ******* where like 8+ but so she was giving me head while i ate her out and than once i got into her i swear she was screaming i may not be big but im thick and god we was ******* through out the night it was great and she fell asleep on my bed and i went to sleep too but hours later i wake up too her sucking me off and asking for me and told me that all the guys she had ever ****** none never made her scream and *** over and over like how i did after that we became sex friends and than finally bf/gf and most of the guys that she was ******* would try too get at her and during all our time dating she did not once cheat on me dated for 3 months before she had to move but she still calls me for phone sex and i still she her *** naked and every now and than we will visit each other and go at it but so Size's doesn't matter just watch how she reacts to stuff you do to her and if she is loving it keep at it and she will stay with you cause you will know how too do it just right

dpqueen, What are the other activities that he doesn't know about?

oooooh....naughty boy!!!

are you bi-sexual or a white man that enjoys seeing a white woman having her ***** stretched and satisfied better than an average whit **** can?...not being a smart-***...most white men that i know, that enjoy seeing white wives pounded by big, black ****, usually have small dics....just husband loves to see me take black ****, cause he has a tiny **** and gets off seeing men with much bigger ***** than his, ******* and making his wife ***!

that's currently my situation. I can't bring myself to leave my "friend with benefits", he satisfies me in every way possible, has incredible stamina and does kinky things that my hubby does not or has not ever done to me before! It's purly sexual and I find myself getting sooo wet just thinking about his huge member! (and how it all fits down there! LOL)

what sort of kinky?

Does your husband know about your "friend with benefits"?

well im usally the guy the girls call because there men arnt pleaseing them if you ever need me baby send me a message

that's hot dubbles. I'd love for my girlfriend to come home after getting f uked by another man and have to clean her puzzy.

my husband has a very small **** as well, he's 3 1/2 to 4 hard and when hes soft you can barely see his ****. he's also a big drinker which makes matters worse. my husbands work partner is black and had been hitting on me forever and one nite, hubby and i were going at it and he went home. later on that nite i ended up sucking his **** at a party. his **** was gorgeous! he was about 9 in. and very thick with a nice full head. also the color and texture of his **** really got me wet. about two weeks later he ****** me on my picnic table at 2 in the morning and made me *** over and over!! thats when i fell in love with black ****!

All the married gals that I **** love my big ****.. Most have never had anything large and *** almost instantly.. My **** usually ends up getting drenched with their juices, which I love to make them lick off.. then **** them some more.. 8 times out of 10, then will come back for more, not worrying about feeling guilty, but wanting the big **** inside them making them *** and *** and *** all over it.. which again, i will make them lick it all clean..

I confused my self also. I assume your husband knows your ******* others. Do you share this with him.

you already have a piece of this! you sexy, thick black **** stud!!!

Does your husband know your that you know he knows that your giving it up to others

Ive since ****** three well hung black men, two of which were cousins and they both ****** me for and hour!(incredible sex and *******!) and im currently ******* our mechanic! lol! who also does a wonderful job! My husbandhas since developed an appetite for eating my ***** after other men have left their seed in me. I do not tell him that ive just had another man *** in me, he just seems to know the nights that ive been with other men and insists on going down on me! Either way its a win-win.