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Hello Foram:

I'm a college educated retired man that's been serious cross dressER (TRANSVESTITE) for almot 15 years having met more than one lady friend that encourages me to fulfill my fetish by transforming me over a period time into looking like a women.  I mean except for surgery I've more than once made committment to totally transform myself not just into wearing women' clothing, undergarments, jewelry, shoes etc, into living a women's lifestyle.

I wear silicon breast enhancers, have had my ears pierced, acrylic nails glued onto my finger tips, eyeliner and eyebrows permanently tatooed onto my body, tatoos of a 12'm rose and stem placed just above my left ankle, and several tatooes on other parts of my body, hair dyed medium brown, then cut and shaped into a feminine hairstyle.

Having lived life4 as a well pampered women more than once, I've had regular appointment schedules at facial and nail salon's weekly.  Just 3 years I'd lived life as the female companion ofthis lady for almost a year before she'd broken it off.  After we'd split I continued living a women's lifestyle for several months until I was unable to sustain the reoccurring high maintenance costs.. 

Unable to resume the life of a man, I've been crossdressing living as a man several times a week for more than a year now.  It's difficult for me  through to go anywhere dressed as a man  having permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, pierced ears and visable female tatooes on my body.

Since living with this first lady tghat totally trnsformed me I've met and dated 4 other women.  So far, 3 of the 4 after the second or third date having discovered I cross dress encourage me to date them dressed totally as a women.  Each time I've transformed myself including hairstyling and makeup the relationship seems to escalate thgen decline to my detriment. 

Unquestionably, I don't care to be the submissive and over powered partner.  I don't want to be a maid, servant, sex object or boy toy therefore not finding satisfactio.  Living as a man now, I'd rather be a transvestiute living alone than a women living with another women.

My peace and happienes are within myself.  I live alone with 2 kittie cats.

Question to forum? How many other cross dresser men have experienced this same kind of proivblem?

sandradorothy sandradorothy
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Dear SandraDorothy
I wish that I had the strength to have some of the permament changes made that you talk about -- eye makeup, etc.
With these changes, I could show my feminine side and it would encourage me to adopt a female life style. Which I very much expect to do!

I am also a CROSSDRESSER male married with beautiful lady and my wife is supportive with me to wear saree and dresses.
she has given me all ladies dress including bra,blouse, saree and nose ring and payal , bindi lipstick bichhwa and earrings and ladies wig to wear and we both go for outing almost daily at evening , my wife sometimes wears jeans and t shirt. And some times in ladies dress.
When she also wear ladies dress and both of us are looking very nice in sarees. and we enjoyed full evening in the ladies attire.
and no body knows that I am the man wearing saree, One day when i went with her attending ladies functions at her friends house. my wife was introduced me as her friend.
I always remain in saree after coming from office and I happily wear her saree, bra, blouse and other ladies wear and till next day morning.
After coming back from my office and on holidays ,saturday
sunday I remain full day in saree. every day in the night me and my wife wear same type of ladies gown. we enjoy our married life also properly.

im a tranvestite an dress up three nights aweek and will never stop i go shopping dressed up as female i even have my owen brests that i developed from herbs and masage the ar c cup and i love them the are very notacable even when i have no bra on i will never change my life style

how a man can become a woman,having real breasts,which herbs help,kindly let me know.

Hi<br />
Sounds as if you need a true friend. You were done wrong. The lady friend was not a friend. Doing you that way was very wrong especially with the permanent eye makeup and female tattoos. We are all Gods Children he loves all. If you truly need a friend to talk to I am a female here to listen. Choices we make in life should not condemn us to misery. <br />

This is my story, I had a girlfriend for several years when I was younger who helped me realize my feminine persona and live as her boy friend to girl friend to best friend only to have our relationship fade slowly for reasons I never understood. None the less I owe her such gratitude for bringing Veronica to the surface.

May I ask how things progressed as Verona? Were you ever able to have another relationship with a woman as Veronica? I'd love to hear more. Thank you for sharing.

It's unquestionably true that many women seem fascinated at first by our femme personalities, but then decide that while it's nice to play with a transvestite, they don't really want to own one, but would rather pair with "real" men. <br />
<br />
I say that having married twice women who knew fully about my femme personality - one of them actually met me for the first time when I was crossdressed. After periods of wonderful feminized bliss, both marriages foundered when they decided they really wanted me to be more "male." <br />
<br />
Well, for better or for worse, that's not me.

Can I ask if you ever found a woman that was accepting of your feminine side? Have you ever thought of living full time en femme? I'd love to hear more. ... If you wish.

I have - in fact my most recent relationship was with a lesbian who only wanted to see me as a woman. This, unfortunately, didn't work out, because I work as a man...and have two children.

May i ask you what your ideal relationship would be? Would you prefer to live as a woman full-time, yet be the dominant one? Not wanting to be rude, may I ask sexually. . What role you'd prefer with her? Some TG women might like a true lesbian role, some a more top-like role.

I would certainly *not* prefer to be the top. There isn't a domme thought in my head!

I've always enjoyed being the submissive femme; it's a role that comes quite naturally to me.

May I ask if you live full-time en femme? You know what I know, that each girl's needs are different. I completely understand your need to be submissive. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm sure you're an amazing woman.

No, Jim, I do not.

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