LADIES with heavy period problems !
Tip #1: even if you use tampons put a dark colored towel under you while you sleep so you wont have the trouble of washing your sheets whenever you wake up
#2: blood does not stink while inside your body but it does when a lot is out! change your tampons & pads ! if you do not the odor will get worse and you can get sick! sitting in that blood for hours will throw your ph balance off and that is part of the cause of the odor
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Did you know that you don't need to suffer from - cramps/clots/pain/heavy flow.
This tells you that your body is not balanced - in yang/ying
All women think that it is normal - even PMS
If you can find a local Chinese Medicine Herb Doctor. They will feel your wrist pulse and tailer make a herb mix for you. It will take around 3/4 months of these herbs and you will get balanced and have a normal blood flow.
The herbs are not the best to taste - but is worth the time to do this.
Your spleen/liver Qi will be worked on.