Like Seeing My Husband Crossdressed

I am turned on by seeing my husband crossdressing, he enjoys wearing panties, pantyhose and all types of lingerie, him crossdressing is a major part of our bedroom play. We often wear matching panties, or matching lingerie and have a few sexy costumes also. Most men who crossdress spend years trying to figure out how to tell there partner, many who have told there partner are surprised that there partner actually accepts it and likes it. Its a great way to spice things up in the bedroom and many woman I have talked to say that a man that likes to crossdress makes for a much better lover, I would have to agree with them. They express he is more intune to her needs and is unselfish, plus the fact that crossdressing excites him so much and he pays so much more attention to her pleasure. Thanks to our society becoming more open minded many woman are relaxing and not jumping to conclusions when it comes to finding out there man likes to wear panties, pantyhose or lingerie. Some woman will be totally fine with it right from the start, they will not even question anything they will just go with it, and others will be met with resistance and you will have to communicate with them and ease any concerns they have. Check out our profile for more about us.
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15 Responses Jan 7, 2013

My gf loves me cross-dressing! She often times helps me. But she will not buy things for me, I have to purchase my own things while she secretly watches!

thats awesome dagwoodie, sounds like you got a great girl there.

i want to marry a girl like you :D
i want her to buy with me the clothes and we match our clothes :D

What a lovely story. It is difficult to find women who see this as a normal desire!

aww!!! ur husband s so lucky 2 hve a wife like u

That is great my wife enjoys it when I cross dress for her as well.

Wonderful to hear such an open minded attitude to something that is essentially a sensual activity. Having someone to share that with makes you both very lucky.

Now, if after 32 years I could convince mine that this is harmless...nah, she isn't going to go for it...good for the two fo you!

I can say without doubt my wife wouldn't ever accept a guy who likes to dress up, in her opinion it's too weird and perverted

I am am man who likes to to swim in a womens one piece bathing suit. I have A lot of women who have seen me in my suit. I get a lot of different reactions. Some go with it and some are disgusted. Some have asked me if I have gone for a swim yet. This excites me! I hope someday to swim and hang out with a women in our 1 piece suits!

I just loved reading this-it is so true! I wish more women could come to understand this!

What a wonderful reality! All should be so lucky!

What a refreshing attitude. thanks for sharing!

You are a wonderful couple

Amen to that!

Great to hear about such wonderful times!