Mom's Panties

One of my earliest experiences sexually was wearing my Mom's panties from the dirty clothes. Don't know why I did it, but it was exciting. She caught me and once I got in trouble for being "dirty" I wanted too even more!
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

when i was young i wore my sisters panites moms was to big for me
now i wear my own panties all the time love the silk an lace ones

it's so so sexy!

Of course you did--- a woman's (OR girls!) panties can be sooo exciting for someone who should have been a girl! It's good that you discovered what you truly are--a pantyboi! Love Noelle

Thank you Noelle for your comment. If you read my other stories you will see that my desires are more and more for serving a woman while wearing panties.

mmmmm mums dirty panties are the best start a boy can have , when i started wearing mums dirty panties they got me sexually aroused and stiff and made me want to play with myself i was that young i did not know what the feeling was but i knew when i put mums dirty panties on the feeling that ran through me and made my little cok stiff felt so good, was like a drug i could not stop doing it , it seemed so wrong , but it made me feel so good - stephanie xx

thinking back now the only thing that would have made it better if she put me over her knee and spanked me !

Right through your silky panties!!(yes yours!)