Women Wearing Stockings With Tight Underwear

I though i'd share my experience with other women who like to wear sexy underwear,i love wearing black  stockings and on special occations black with seams,i always wear standard stockings with attached to a suspender belt,my two favourite skirts i wear over stockings are both knee lengh,one is pink with two pleats down the front,the other is grey,a knee lengh skirt is long enough for not to show my stocking tops when i sit down but short enough to show off my legs,i always wear a body control thong with stockings,they are waist high and low leg,are quite elastic to hold you in so a skin tight fit all round,when i put them on they instantly slip right up my arse,it feels very erotic and confortable,the crotch is quite wide so they do'nt cut in,after a few minute's i pull them up a little to take up any slack,now they snug and tight up between my arse,they stay up thight all day,never become loose,the best looking body control thong i have are ruby red with a lace trim also i have black and peach one's from another store,they are the perfect sexy underwear under a skirt.I sometimes wear stockings to work,it makes the day more intresting.Last summer i felt confident enuogh yo wear them under a short skirt,going out for the first time like this felt so exciting,such a short skirt over tight fitting knickers,it was a hot day and i could feel the breeze up around my almost bare arse,a bit risky though,if my skirt should blow my skirt up anyone could see my my knickers stuck up my arse.I love getting dressed to go out,wearing black stockings,suspenders with my red body control thong knickers under my skirt,leaving home i can feel my knickers tight and snug up between my arse under my skirt,it's my little secret under my skirt.A few weeks ago i went out with a friend to a dance wearing seamed stockings,whilst dancing i could feel my knickers tight up between my arse,it was quite a turn on,even after using the loo they slipped up tight again within a minute or so,these waist high,low leg body control thongs are the best for me,i love having them up my arse all day,they fit like a tight glove.
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such an ecstatic account!