I've Never Wanted Them Anyway

So it doesn't upset me that I can't have children. I have never felt the need to reproduce, nor do I feel like "less of a woman" because I can't carry a child. I enjoy my freedom and so does my husband. We won't be addding to the over population of this planet and even though we'll miss out on the joys of parenthood, we'll also miss the problems associated with raising a child.
When people ask why don't we have any children, I respond by saying I can't have children. The reaction I get most often is "Oh I'm sorry." Why are you sorry? We are each on this planet for a short time and we make the best of the time we have. My role is obviosuly not to be mommy and I'm ok with that.
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I like your post. Its great you have someone that feels the same way. Boyfriends I've had wanted children and so knowing I couldn't I wondered 'am I going to end up alone?'. I don't like the idea of having kids really - esp as I'm the youngest in my family I haven't been around kids. so when I'm around my friend who has just had a baby and asks 'do you want to hold him?" I say no as I am worried I'd hurt him somehow. Or is this a way of coping with the fact I can't have one myself? I do not know.

I thought I was the only one that thought like that. I mean it does hurt that I will never carry a child, but all that it takes with children, I cringe just listening to people talk about their kids' schedules. I definitely don't want to deal with all that mess. I'm slowly becoming ok with the fact that I will never have children. I have my cats and my husband, and that's enough for me.

Thank you for your comment realoce. After I was married the question "when are you having a baby?" started immediately. "I don't want any" was my typical response. When I met my mother in law for the first time her first comment was "Now I'll get red headed babies". Not from me you won't. She wasn't being rude, she thought that we were going to start having children and she was happy at the thought of little red headed girls.<br />
I am a whole person all by myself. I don't need a man or a child to make me complete. <br />
My sister just turned 45 and she is single and has no children and she is happy with her life as well. There is noting wrong with me and I am not broken.

I congratulate you for this post. Being a mother is not for everyone and is not an easy one. You have to give up many things you like. You become nule as a person/woman for a long time. <br />
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Being a mother or not, does not makes you more women or less women. Society is always worry about others first having a boy friend...then when are you getting married, then...when are you having babies....then when is your son/daughter going to date and so and so.<br />
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I am gald you answer that way....we all do not have to follow a path, some of us do, instead of doing what we really would like to do, or accept what nature gave us. CONGRATULATIONS...I call this ATTITTUDE...

Sure straighten the little bastard's attitude UP!

Dog - I thought you liked me! Or is it that you think one of your children deserves a month or two with me? Prove to them it can always get worse :-)

Dear Miss Red, you can always borrow one of my children, take your pick. This will finally convince you that you did the smart thing. Now try to return him, ha, ha, good luck! We done moved!