The Life I Call Mine.

i am a 20 year old mother with 2 beautiful boys a 3 year old and a new born. i was 16 when i got pregnant with my first son and also a inmate at a correctional facility. i found out i was pregnant on jan-18th-2008 3 days after i was sentenced to serve 6m in jail. for being a wild young teen with no sence. i served my time pregnant i came home when i was 7m along now july of 2008. i was now 17 the father of my baby was 25. i didnt really know him to well we where dating only 2m before i got sent away he came to see me and supported me the whole time i was there. even though i was a hour and a half away from home he came every other week to see me. when i made it home it was the happiest time of my life it felt good being with the man i was about to have a baby with it was time to get to know him and get things ready for my new baby that was on his way. my boyfriend told me he would get all the baby needed i was young with no job and it was also his first baby i let him sell me a dream time was getting close 8m pregnant there was no baby shower there where no dippers what was i gonna do no car seat.... my older sister let me know about this place that helped pregnant moms that have nothing i called them got a crib a car seat a stroller a few clothes but still a baby needed more. my sister in law when out got bottles dippers wipys clothes. i was so young and in love i didnt speak up and tell my boyfriend that time was ticking i was pregnant and emotional i would cry to my self instead i ended up getting all i needed from family and friends time came sept-11-08 when my baby was born easy labor he was here 7p 3o beautiful baby boy. now is when the thoughts came where will i live with my son.. i went to stay with his father he didnt wanna be involved to much he was always down what was it.. he wanted a dna test from me and was hidden it from me so thats why he didnt bye anything for r son. it was xmas time my son got no gift from his dad. i moved with a friend to a diffrent town 45 min away from my home town because i found out he was cheating on me with a girl i knew while i was in jail and pregnant i found v.mails i was done i went with my friend for a mounth then moved 1 hour away from there to my mothers house it was 2 hours away from my home town times got hard being so far away so i moved with my brother it was so much moving around dna came back he knew my son was his we would try to work it out but he kept cheating on me my brother kicked me out one day due to some dishes so i moved in with my sister. who had a 2 bed room and her own 2 kids. it was so hard then my father was getting us a appt it was a stress lifter. it was great finally a place to call home. things started to get a lil better with my sons dad i for gave him untill he did it again and i ended up arrested it made me realize i cant lose my son for this man. so we broke up i was so stressed so down i didnt know what to do i just cryed all day long. my father had my sister move in to are place so i had to give her my sond room i knew it wasnt a good idea but me know 18 and singal i dindnt care. then i found out she was hidding drugs in side the house where my son lived i didnt care to much of my self but the fact my son lived there. so that nightmare came one day i went on a hot summer day in aug of 2010 right before my sons 2nd bday to pick him up from school as i walking back down the street from getting off the city bus a friend tells me my sister got arrested and the cops where in my house i didnt go home i was afraid of losing my son so i went to my sons aunts house. i couldnt stop crying as the night fell i went back to the house and couldnt beleave my eyes it was destoryed the cops turned the house in side out.. i didnt know what to do i hated my sister where was i gonna go the fear of losing my son was stuck in my head. it was almost his bday and the plans had to get dropped because we needed some place to call home my dad couldnt stop saying sorry for letting her move him hes 64 what can he do. so i found a appt with in the next 2 weeks and we moved in me no job my dad helped me out i let him move in because he had no where to go and also gave me 500$ for my rent. my sons father moved in it was oct-2010 he hasnt cheated since we had another baby and we moved into are own beautiful house on feb-2012 and i couldnt be happier we fight a lil here and there but its life
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you are in the wrong place sweetie. This is for women who CAN'T have children.

I totally agree... Wrong place girl!