I Was Told By Dutch People I Have Spastic Genes

Joyce Poorter (The POOPTER) told me "NOT TO DO IT" dont have children

she told me I was too mentally inificient to breed normal children anyway  and she said no man would want to marry me or love me because I was so ugly and spastic .. I assumed when she said to me "NO MAN WILL EVER LOVE YOU LITTLE LOVEY TIL YOU GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND BARK LIKE A DOG"  ...I assumed that was because she seen me as so ugly no cute clever young man at university would like me.... anyway,  feeling so offended by her words ... in my fragile grieving abused and violated state I have not been able to get the words out of my head since. 

I have been told by other Dutch people (such as my sisters first husbands family) that our family are too spastic to breed...

somehow John and Rose got away with it... but I am not allowed to ... all rules by the pooopter of course....  just like she would not let me have a boyfriend coming to my house... but John and Rose were allowed to but not me ... for some reason ... Joyce said NO.
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the real problem is I have never been allowed look prettier than all my relatives, or cleverer, or talented etc<br />
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I am not allowed look pretty incase I upstage Joyce poorter. <br />
I am not allowed look thin incase I upstage Joyce poorter.<br />
I am not allowed look professional incase I upstage Joyce poorter<br />
I am not allowed to look clever incase I upstage joyce poorter<br />
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or anyone else in the family. its always my sisters turn to get married <br />
its always someone else in the family deserves more or has suffered more <br />
<br />
its never allowed to time for anything good for me!