This Terrifying Clock On My Back

I had a miscarriage at 19. And was later diagnosed with menorrhagia. Which is heavy, terrible, disgusting menstrual bleeding that lasts longer than a month. It ruins your day, interrupts your sleep, makes very awkward situations occur in your personal and business life. You can't escape it because there's no meds to stop it. I've been to dr after dr. No one can explain why it happens. How can I date, much less have a normal relationship or marriage that results in babies? I can't even have sex. I'm 25. I've had a d&c to attempt to correct the problem but all that does is result in a lot of pain and missed work. The sad pitiful faces that my customers give me as if they know what I'm going through make me so angry.

My surgeon gave me until the age of 30 to be able to conceive a child. How can that happen if I can't stop bleeding. The eggs do exist but the shame that comes with them surpasses normalcy.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I'm very sorry that you are having all these medical complications over the last years.

I developed a DNA neurological disorder at the age of 12 that caused anxiety,insomnia and IBS and it made my life a living hell.People would complain about cramps and the flue and I wanted to kill them ...LOL

The thing is that I found someone loving and understanding and we are still together 33 years later.I now know that EVERYONE is dealing with something in their lives.

Anyway,the person I found and fell in love is a orphan and she was adopted at the age of one.I know you may want your own baby but these children can be amazing and they just want to be loved.

As far as mates go I think 32 million woman that don't have your medical problems are having trouble finding a mate.

I hope I've helped in some small way.