How Do I Get Over Not Being Able To Have Children?

Having a baby has been my dream since I can remember. I have always been good with children. I've been a nanny, a teacher, & my favorite age has always been babies. Some years ago, I found out I couldn't have any children. It literally broke my heart. I have a wonderful husband who was very supportive, at the time; but now he feels like it's time for me to "get over it". It's very hard for me to even see commercials of pregnant women or of babies/children, much less seeing them in public. I don't cry as much as I used to, but I just can't seem to deal with it. My Mother died while I was in High School and my Grandmother passed away before we found this out. So, I don't have any family to talk to about it, and my friends don't understand. How do I get over something that has been my dream my whole life? Can someone please tell me the best way to deal with this "loss"?
courtney4bama courtney4bama
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

I was told the same thing 7 years ago. I just try to block it out most days. I keep thinking Gods going to put me in charge of all the kids in Heavan to make up for my loss here on earth. The good thing is Heavan is forever...this life is not. I don't know Courtney the exact way for any of us in this situation to ever completely get over it. Dont really think we will. And thats ok, its our void, our loss. Faith is hugh for me and it DOES help. Without it I would have stayed in a depressive state for way to long and wasted the good things I do have going for me in this life. ;) I can only believe something better will be waiting for me in heaven... And you. (( hug ))