Time Is Running Out

Wow, our story is crazy and has been one wild roller coaster ride. 14 years since we decided we wanted a big family. Well our dream never happened. We have had IVF Multiple cycles and the last cycle, we chose to share the cycle with another family who had pcos and could not produce eggs. The cycle was a success for them and a failed cycle for us. They delivered boy/girl twins, ( my biological children) Today I got pictures of the kids starting first grade. It hit me hard. Although I have no regrets in helping create a family, I wish and dream of someone now helping us before we are too old. We are looking to adopt or do a surrogacy in Oklahoma or surrounding areas. One last time, then we will call it quits. When you want something more than life itself, it's just too hard to give up. We do believe in miracles.......If anyone can help us, please post. God Bless~
josiebear11 josiebear11
31-35, F
Jan 15, 2013