Finding A Woman That Accepts

I am 58, I have been transgender since I was 7.
I have been looking for that one woman since I was probably 20.
I did find one woman (she had had a crush on me since I was 13) who I told right up front that I was trans, she accepted that
fact but we both knew her extended family would never accept it, so we basicly kept it in the bed room because she had two
teenage boys. This all was fine and I should have been satisfied with that but it seemed to be just a tease.
Before I met this woman, I had been alone but out in public, shoping, to restoraunts, clubs and doing seminars at
Universitys. With these new restictions I felt traped, this worked on me, made me upset most of the time.
As this went on I realised that the longer I was not allowed to be myself the worse my attatuded became, I would get upset at
the slightest thing, I'd snap at everyone and my language became more valger.
Needless to say this relationship had to come to an end, I have been basicly alone since, that was 10 years ago.
Kisses To All

PS : Dam spel check wont work on my PC, Sorry, and I just dont have time right now to fix it but you get the jist of it I think
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I am so sorry you haven't found a relationship that works for you. I have very little experience in this lifestyle, came into it by accident. I'm surprised by how much I enjoy it, was never even on my radar before. It's sad that many women are insecure about this, but on some level it's understandable. I have a pretty high level of self esteem and my cd has made sure that I know he's attracted to and cares about me more than just sexually. I think those 2 things are key. For what its worth, I don't think a woman who isn't comfortable in her own skin& with her own sexuality can be supportive of crossing conventional boundaries. I wish you luck in your search, but there are more women like me out there, even if we don't know it.

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I told my ex about my crossdressing and she was disgusted, said she never wanted to see it. She'd probably faint if she saw me today, I have feminized myself and live full time as a woman these days, have told my psychiatrist about the feminine me and hope to be on hormones by the end of the month..

I am sorry to hear that. But do know that the perfect woman is out there for you. You find hre when you least expect it and aren't looking.

Glad you are a tg but so sorry to hear about your relationship. Have you given any tought about having a cd or anothe tg with you ?

It is unfortunate that you haven't found someone to share your life with! I have had good fortune with my wife understanding and accepting my needs. Don't give up! There are those out there who not only accept but actually seek out this type of relationship. Best wishes; Candice

I think that it would be very difficult to find a full time couple to share everything with. Most are settled in their relationship and may find that three is too crowded.
Most people want to keep fetishes private. If you are openly crossdressing, many would fear being seen by family or friends. This may even cause problems with co-workers.
Very few know of my fetishes. I hope that you find what you are looking for.

Life is so difficult without going thought what you have I went through 2 wives and had 4 children before I found my Goddess We have been together over 16 years at this time and my life is perfect. today there are lots of sites that have women looking for people such as us. Good luck and I would love to become a friend and discuss the ups and downs I have been through

Well that is a bummer LouAnna, but no doubt along the way you will find that special woman ... I did and I married her. In the mean time you have friends here.

Louanna, to some one as you iwish only the best and know that there is someone out there for you. I hope that your Princess in shinning armor comes for you as that is waht you deserve.<br />
Hugs Jamie

lucky girl here in my country (exYU) is abig problem find a woman from supported me as girl or woman also my wife not supported me only agree to wear PH and panties but only on weekend.woman to take my femme soul is rare only prostitute woman for money but this i snot i like or wish