Wife Of Panty Wearing Husband

My husband wears panties, pantyhose and even lingerie. It started out with just panties and has progressed into wearing everything which is totally fine by me. We have fun with it and it really spices up things in the bedroom. We both have a panty fetish and both enjoy seeing others in panties, satin panties are our favorite. I guess to me its just clothing, woman wear it to accent there bodies and to me when a man wears it he is also accenting his body and making it look sexy and more appealing to the eye. My husband looks great in satin panties and lingerie and I love how excited and hard he gets. Its really no bid deal, and more woman should let there guard down and enjoy it with there man. There is nothing like both being in satin panties or silky stockings and rolling around on the bed together feeling each other. Its fun and very pleasurable and isn't that what bedroom play is suppose to be.
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7 Responses Aug 23, 2010

I love wearing sexy lingerie and being girly. So sexy to wear women's lingerie.

I started my husband wearing panties as a joke for a bet he lost. The second I saw them on him I was horny and wet as hell. He admitted they felt good. We rushed right out and bought him a dozen pair. Now he has over 100 pair of panties and all kinds of lingerie and womens cloths and I love all of it on him/her. We even gave him a womans name for when he is dresssed. He has always been a big tuff guy so at first it was hard for him even though he enjoyed it but now to see him come home from doing something manly and let his fem side out is so great. I love it when we buy matching lingerie.

My wife thinks it's great that i like wearing nightgowns and panties. We always dress up for sex.

AWESOME!!! Does your wife have a sister? I too LOVE wearing lingerie! Bras panties nighties camis stockings... Incredibly nice comfortable and absolutely the BEST!!! Most sincere Congrats! Lucky dog!!! 👍👍👍

My wife enjoys me wearing panties and it has really spiced up our sex life. She just bought me some for Christmas and included a cute nylon pair. I love the nylon it feels very smooth and silky. She got a matching pair for herself. We often shop together for them or she may come home with some new ones for us. We even share with each other our panties.

Like you my wife enjoys the added benefits of me being a cross dresser.

you are a very wonderful wife! Your husband is a lucky man

How lovely!