My Husband Wearing Pantyhose

I enjoy seeing my husband wearing pantyhose, I love how you can see his hardon through the silky material and love when he starts to leak onto the pantyhose and make a wet spot. I love rubbing him through the pantyhose and love how his hard on presses against the silky sheer fabric. To me he looks so good in pantyhose, how they cling to his muscular legs and his butt, it turns me on so much, guys wearing pantyhose really turn me on. Men usually have much more muscular lower bodies than woman and pantyhose clinging to a guys muscular legs looks so hot. Lots of guys wear for warmth also and not just for the pleasure of it, but I know for my husband as soon as he slides them on he is hard as rock so I could not imagine him wearing them all day, he would be sore by the end of the day from being hard all day. We enjoy both being in pantyhose together and caressing each others bodies together while both wearing pantyhose, the feeling is amazing. Nothing wrong with guys wearing pantyhose or stockings, its just something that excites them and makes them feel good and whats so wrong with that. The fabric on there hard on must feel so amazing, I know my husband enjoys wearing pantyhose, pretty hard to hide that he enjoys it when he gets harder than ever. Check out our profile for more about us.
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6 Responses Aug 20, 2012

that would be the life getting to wear pantyhose together and get all tangled up together whilst wearing them and other silky items. how good does it get?

your just awsome

i wish my husbend wear them can i make my husbend wear the pantyhose...? initial response was to say marry me....LOL! Every CD out there wants a woman to make them wear pantyhose.

In all seriousness, however, it would depend on what you've tried already. Have you two discussed it before?

Today is Halloween, you could try a costume that requires tights or pantyhose. Maybe get him to dress as a woman?

Let me know if you have or have not tried talking to him about it. I wouls approach it differently depending.

Just curious, but any luck in getting your hubby to wear pantyhose for you? The irony practically kills me. LOL. There are so many guys out there that would love it if their wives wanted them to wear pantyhose.

you are one in a million.. a breath of fresh air lol
if he wont wear them for you i will :)

Sheer pantyhose really do feel wonderful on the male parts. Some men wear panties with their pantyhose, but I think they are missing out on the wonderous feeling the sheer nylon and lycra provides. It is very difficult to...ahem...contain ourselves when wearing them. It's so great that you enjoy seeing your hubby in them. I always have a big smile on my face when I read your posts.

I don't even own any panties any longer. Spices things up a bit when wearing stockings with a waist cincher, garter belt, corset...or even an open bottom girdle. **wink**

You and your husband have a very good thing going! I am also a male who loves wearing pantyhose, and is fortunate enough that my wife loves them too. We wear them together often when playing and it is truly ecstacy! Slipping into a sexy pair of hose makes me so hard and horny...just thinking about it drives me crazy! I love hearing your pantyhose stories, so please keep posting!

my girlfriend wont give me hers to wear....