The School Fundraiser

During my days in junior high, my school was holding a fund raiser in order to raise money for many of the schools programs like the athletic department and the music and art department. The school district had cut the budget to deal with
many issues going on in the district. Many local business's and various parents donated their time and money as well as various items to the fund raising event.
One event that was an overwhelming success was the pie in the face auction.
A local bakery donated an assortment of cream pies for the event and a local bridal shop donated the formal wear for the faculty to wear. The formal wear was
discontinued and second hand merchandise that was being fazed out of inventory. The auction began with the master of ceramonies intoducing the school Principal Mrs. Mary Fran Hyatt. Mrs. Hyatt was in her early fifties with black curly shoulder length hair with a shade of gray in it. She athleticly toned with blue eyes and stood at five foot eight inches tall. She was wearing a long sleeved gold sequened gown with sides slit. She was wearing gold open toed sling back sandals and beige pantyhose. Mrs. Hyatt walked across stage and waved to the crowd. She sat down on a chair and a spot light is shined on her. She crosses her legs left over right. The slit in her dress shows off her legs. Vice principal, Mrs. Dana Sharp walks on stage wearing a lite blue sequened dress with matching sequened jackat. She has on nude panty hose and white pumps. Her red hair is pulled back in a pony tale. She is carrying a large cream pie. The auction begins and the crowd goes wild. The bidders are going crazy and bid of $200.00 becomes the winning bid. As Mrs. Hyatt is sitting there, Mrs.
Sharp thrust the pie into her face and twists the tin. Mrs. Hyatt still sitting there in shock eventually clears her eyes. Pie has fallen into her lap, is resting on her shoulders and settled on the front of her dress. She stands up and takes a bow and the crowd cheers. Next out is school librarian Ms. Miller.
Ms. Miller is in her early twenties and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She comes out on stage wearing a red short sleeved dress and clear platform mule heels. She crosses her right leg over left and dangles her right shoe from her foot. She pushes her shoe back on her foot and wets her lips and blows a kiss to the crowd. The auction begins and a $800.00 bill spells pie for her. Mrs. Sharp thrust the pie into her face. She licks her lips and then clears her eyes. She was quite a sight to be seen. The next victim was Ms. Lawson the kindergarten teacher. She had long brown hair hazel eyes and was wearing a black spagetti strapped dress with black strappy high heel sandals. She sits down and a bid of $800.00 gets her pied. Mrs. Sharp is seated in the chair and a $200.00 bid gets her pied as well. The auction went well and the fundraiser made $5,000 for the school. This was the first time I had seen women in fancy clothes get pied. It would not be the last time either.
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I want to support that school!