How The Modesty Wars Ruin Fashion

When I read an article about fashion and clothing written by Christians, why do I nearly always feel guilty and discouraged?

Most articles seem to be warnings against sinfulness for women. Don’t be too sexy and force men to lust, don’t dress to attract attention, don’t be consumed with worldly things. I can already see some of the headlines. It’s summertime again, don’t wear halter tops! Why you should care about God’s glory, not the latest fashions. Bathing suit season – you should probably wear shorts and a shirt over your one-piece. While modesty is a biblical virtue and warnings against sin are valuable, the one-sided barrage of negative fashion-related articles is defeating. Not only does this inculcate women with a sense of guilt over having breasts (especially curvier women), but it deflates any notion that we can celebrate fashion and style as Christians. Why do we automatically assign negativity to fashion and clothing? Why does “honoring God with our appearance” always seem like such drudgery?

We have sucked the life and joy out of fashion and style.

When we boil style down to the most effective way to hide our bodies, and when we boil fashion down to a thing to be regarded with suspicion, we resort to joylessness.

God created you as a being meant to embrace and love beautiful things, a being made in His image. God created Cashmere goats and silkworms. He created a horizon with an innumerable palette of colors that Pantone will never be able to fully recreate. He created the couturier’s hands that meticulously sew gowns of breathtaking beauty and skill. He created the designer’s mind that imagines and then executes the style of clothing that will mark a decade. He created you that finds immense pleasure in dressing well.

We should honor God in the way that we dress and revel in the privilege of adorning ourselves with clothing that reflects, in some small way, the beauty of the world He created. For a love of style–like any love–need not necessarily be an idolatrous or otherwise misguided one.

Your thoughts?
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

You wanna keep your man interested , aroused you better accent those curves even the bible talks acout a man being infatuated with the breasts of his wife. I think it's good for her ego to know that I'm not the only man that finds her attractive, in fact it's a boost to my ego , pride that I have such a woman. Any jealously over such attention is due a man's own lack of confidence or trust. Very open communication about how it affects the man and the woman and how it should really inhance their desire and appreciation for each other is important plus lots of kisses , hugs and ....... to confirm it is important too.

Since my image was create by god in god's own image, and the fashion limiters say that Adam and Eve were instructed by god to "cover their nakedness". And to my knowledge that is why we typically see fig leaves as adornment on Adam and Eve, then I suggest that it is only a sin to wear anything less then a fig leaf?

What ever became of just slapping a man who lusted after delights of my body?

Each person should be respected for who they are, and what they desire to be respected for. If they have in fact done such, to earn that respect. No one wants to be a victim, but giving power to another individual because of what they think, weakens who you are as a person. Because a mind envisions something, does not make you true to that vision. I don't want to be "lusted" after intentionally, I prefer that people find me attractive and compliment me on this. But I have no control over someones sexual appetite. And the only thing I can do, should I get wind of it, is to remind them, that I am a person not a sex object at least at first glance..