Pee Contest Prank

 Well my friends(one girl name Sarah and a boy named Bill) and i was walking to my house after exam. When we got to my house. My parent left a note saying "that they have left all night and you should have friend come over but don't mess up the house". So Bill and Sarah called their parent and saying that it was OK for them to sleep over. So they thought it will be cool to have a pee Contest to pass the time while we wait for a movie to come on. I thought it was lame so i did not enter. So Sarah and Bill told me if you do not join you have to help any way as possibly. So I said OK. So they told me to get 12 bottle of water, lock the bathroom so no one is allowed to go until they admitted defeat,  and not to do anything to the water. So i got them a 12 bottle of water and lock the bathroom. They have to drink one bottle every 10 minute until all of them was empty. After 1 hours they finish all the bottle. In 20 minute they had to pee. In anther hour they had to pee really bad. Sarah was sitting whit a very uneasy look in her face. Bill was just moving around. Anther hour pass and they had to go bad saying "quit your just got a pee your pant". I was tiring so hard not to laugh. It was killing me not to burst out laughing! So they ask for one more drink and told me to hurry. I got bored and toke matter in my own hand. I got their 2 bottle of water off the lead. I got 4 laxative and put 2 in each drink. I gave one bottle of water to Sarah and anther bottle to Bill. They drank down the water fast with the Laxative. In about 10 minute i heard both of their stomach rumble. They said their are OK. In anther 20 minute Sarah and Bill both got up and hold their stomach as Sarah said "give me the key i got to poo! Me to said Bill! So I said the contest is not over. They started to fart a lot and hold their butt. Sarah said come on plz give me the key I have to go bad i feel it. I said holding your butt is not lady like. Man this is not funning said Bill. Sarah stomach rumble and poo was coming down her leg as her white pant had a huge brown spot and growing. Bill laugh so hard that poo came down his pant. For a hold 5 minute poo came from both of their pant. I ran to my room and laugh for 5 minute. They did not speak to me for a hold 2 month. Was this mean and post comment?

NeoClaw NeoClaw
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so mean

That was very mean

Sorry about deteleing my old account with this story and there will be more fun prank.