I've Never Won Anything.. Til Now!

On this Tuesday, Sept 30, 2008, I, 21butterfly, have won my first prize ever!!

There's a fair across the street, a health fair actually. IT's free and anyone can register for it. There is a questionnaire you fill out by going to all the booths for answers. Themes were Alcohol, Depression, Tobacco, Weight/ Health, and so forth.  After answering, you get a  raffle ticket and either watch or participate in the various activities. Well, i went today with my coworker, and right before i registered, I saw these cute pink bicycles and started whining about how i want one.. 30 minutes later, they were calling out one of the winning numbers. I didn't even notice until my coworker said her number was one over (3969101). It occured to me then that I won cause i knew I was a number below her (3969100). Woo HOo!! I dropped all the brochures and ran to the stage saying I won I won that's me!!...


That was the most interesting moment in my life cause never won anything in my life and wanted something and then gotten it within the hour. But im thinking it's a sign to get my butt in gear cause wen i came back to wrk, my recruiter was waiting for me with his measuring tape. Uh oh! =) at least ill save on gas now... 

21butterfly 21butterfly
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2 Responses Sep 30, 2008

i sure will.. but it has been a loooong time since ive ridden a bike. other than a stationary one at the gym =)

ride on baby...lol