Several Hundred Dollars On My Second Visit

I'm chalking it up to pure beginner's luck, but I recently went to a local casino for the second time in my life, and I walked out with 800 dollars. I definitely took some chances with my money, but I was happy to have won so much. I was not expecting to win anything at all. I have a trip to go on for school in the fall and I need money to get there, so this will help to fund probably the entire trip.

I know people walk away from this casino with loads of cash all the time...someone won 3000 dollars on the machine beside one I played on. Part of me hopes that, should I get dragged to the casino again, I can have similar luck.
StrawberryPocky StrawberryPocky
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

There are 2 ways to win at a Casino...

1. Find the Loose Slots... Play them and win money.

2. Play Baccarat and Bet the BANKER bet every time.

Every Other Game in the casino will Bleed you Dry.

I actually have not won big since...last time I went, I went in with about $25 and left with $70 and I was happy. Currently, I'm trying to figure out how to play poker since I'm doing better on the video poker machines than the progressive ones...and I've also read (after I began teaching myself poker) that the poker machines have a lower house edge than other slots.<br />
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I never really go to win big...I often will go to the local casino to have one of their amazing mochas, walk around and see how Lady Luck is treating other folks, and if I've got some cash, feed five bucks to a machine and see if I can turn it into ten.<br />
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But honestly, if I end up winning more than what I put in the machine, I'll cash out and go claim my prize. And from there if I really want to play more, I'll set aside half the money to take home and the other half to play with.